A Cracking Good Sermon By Wesley Pritchard

A Cracking Good Sermon By Wesley Pritchard March 12, 2013

I knew Wesley could sing, but I didn’t know he could preach like this! Enjoy this recent rant against the evils of post-modern thought and the relativization of truth in our culture:

There was a little comment at the very end of the sermon, when he was offering an invitation of sorts, that struck me. This was what he said, and I like this a lot:

There may be some of you that are in bondage to yourself this morning. Will you bow your heads? Some of you may just feel like “I can never escape who I am. I beat myself up every day.” Well let me tell you what, the truth will set you free. And the person you’ve got to be truthful with is not the person beside you—you ain’t gotta spill your guts to them—or the person behind you, or the person who may meet with you at the altar. The person that you have to be truthful with is yourself.

I hear a lot of talk about “authenticity” these days. Whatever that word is supposed to mean, exactly, the general consensus seems to be that the Church needs more of it. But it seems like too many times, “We need more authenticity” turns out to be a euphemism for, “Here’s my dirty laundry, now let’s see yours.” Our society makes a virtue out of telling all, and it’s rubbing off on the Church. There’s no need to tell it all. That’s not to say that you should sin in secret while putting on a fake front for the church folk. Lest I’m unclear, the Church is no place for those who persist in unrepentant, destructive sin. No doubt there are those in ministry right now who should make a graceful exit. Perhaps there are even some who feel repentant but don’t feel secure in controlling their temptations, in which case it’s still probably wisest to step down from the platform. That still doesn’t mean they’re obligated to shout their private temptations from the roof-tops.

The entire sermon is very good. I was encouraged by it and I hope you will be too. Thank you Pastor Wesley, for saying what needs to be said.

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  • Wow, I knew he could sing but he can preach too! Going to listen to him more 🙂

  • Delores Caris

    my maiden name is Pritchard, and my family came from Wales, we have a town in w.v. that is called Pritchard W.V. Brother Wesley Pritchard could be very well related to me. One thing I know We have the same Savior, we are related by the blood of Christ Jesus,
    Delores M. Pritchard . I thank God his truth is marching on through Pastors like you. Praise the Lord Jesus our Christ.