Monday Morning Humor: Seinfeld and the Car Thief

Monday Morning Humor: Seinfeld and the Car Thief October 28, 2013

“Drive carefully.”
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  • Lydia

    Extremely funny.
    Here’s a sort of Where’s Waldo question: What in this scene is now outdated and a little hard to understand?
    What’s a car phone???
    As far as I know, nobody in 2013 has a phone that is literally attached to the car and cannot move around with the person. No doubt most young people in 2013 watching this scene think that he just means that he left his cell phone in the car and is calling that number. Nothing of the sort. At the time that this was made there were car phones that always stayed in your car and were installed in the car. When you were indoors you used what we would call a landline, and nobody used phones while simply walking around in the grocery store and what-not. There were no cell phones of the kind we have today.
    As far as I know, car phones never really took off. The reception was only so-so, and I never knew a lot of people who had them.

  • Saved Girl

    Actually, I’m a young person and I do know what a car phone is/was. I’ve watched enough old tv shows to figure it out. 😀

  • Lydia

    Someday that will probably be the only way that people will know what a telephone was that wasn’t a cell phone. 🙂 My landline already seems a little obsolete, but I love it.