Todd Suttles: Future GVB Material? (Video!)

Todd Suttles: Future GVB Material? (Video!) February 14, 2014

[Update: As of February 18th, Suttles has joined the GVB. My thoughts on the new promo video are now available here.]
Various other bloggers have been rounding up everything that can be found on Todd Suttles, the potential fifth man in Bill Gaither’s GVB lineup. His name has come out of nowhere, since he has little background in live music. However, I have read that he’s done some studio work, but his day job is an athletic trainer. According to a fan quoted on Musicscribe, he could “kill you with one punch.” Cool.

But then I realized that I actually had heard Suttles’s voice before. You see, David also posted a video of Wes Hampton singing “It is Well,” which I had fixed for lip-sync and reposted on my Godtube channel some time ago. I noticed this second guy taking the third verse, but never got his name. Turns out, that was Todd! Here is the (fixed) video:
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His voice bears a striking resemblance to Jason Crabb. However, in my opinion that performance wasn’t his best. Here is he is chilling out to “Georgia On My Mind”:
[Added February 18th: HT to MusicScribe reader Philip Murray for this low-quality duet of “Encourage My Soul”:]

We don’t have much else on him yet, except this Myspace link rustled up by Aaron Swain. Even that is mostly empty save for one really lame ballad (which is the song’s fault, not his) and “Amen.” There are also a few low-quality recent videos of him filling in with the vocal band, though none featuring him. I was wondering, “Is this guy really short or is Adam Crabb just really tall?” until I watched some from a better angle. The verdict is in: Dude is SHORT. He does seem to be fitting in well with the band’s sense of humor:
I’m hopeful, but not entirely sure about Suttles. He’s fresh-faced and talented, with winning stage presence, but from a purely vocal perspective he still strikes me as a little green and pitchy. Furthermore, he seems to have an easier time “selling” a power number than a quiet one. However, this industry could use a bit of fresh talent, and for Bill to catapult an unknown to instant stardom would be exciting. I would like to see where Suttles could go with more training and experience.
What do you think?

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  • JordanP

    He seems like a nice, guy, and looks comfortable up on the stage, but I just don’t think he is talented enough to be with the GVB. I think hiring Todd would really lessen the quality we are used to with the GVB. Not a smart move in my book.

  • Honestly, I agree. I’m not denying he has potential, but is he GVB caliber?

  • Saved Girl

    BTW Gaither twitter says that Bill is making an announcement today at 4pm. It just might be the identity of the fifth member.

  • Very interesting! I’ll be watching for it.

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  • Todd Suttle is a great young man.He attended school with my son Obie Dockery and My daughter Marty Dockery.Thanking God for his Blessing for allowing Todd one of our own home town young men to be with The GVB .Can’t wait to see to him with The GVB.Todd your kindess love and loving God has paid off.One of LAFAyette High Ramblers don’t forget where you come from but pray God takes you far.

  • nta

    Racist comments!!

  • Sorry….is that a joke?

  • Sue Parks

    Just returned from the Gaither cruise to the Caribbean. Todd was awesome! I look forward to following his career for many years to come.

  • Scott Brown

    Obviously the doubters have not left room for the Holy Spirit to work through Todd and the rest of the GVB just as He has done in every instance and formation of the GVB til now. I can hardly wait for Todd and GVB to bless your doubting socks right off. When you are in tears before the Lord just thank Him that you may have been mistaken.

  • Whoa, be cool man! Todd seems like a fantastic guy and I never said he wasn’t talented. I just need to hear more from him that’s all. One cool thing we didn’t anticipate but that seems to be happening is that Bill’s been letting him sing bass live and in the studio.

  • Kev

    “Let it start in me” – he is definitely redefining GVB.

  • Me

    Love your comment about whether he would be able to sell a “quiet” number… Of course, we did not know him well when this article was written, so no worries there…
    But I think we can lay any worries about Todd Suttles being able to sell any number. In my opinion, his ability to connect with the audience and “sell” any song is what makes him so powerful!