Monday Morning Humor: Radio Promotion Done Right

Monday Morning Humor: Radio Promotion Done Right June 30, 2014

The Centricity record label (home to popular CCM artists like Aaron Shust, Andrew Peterson, and DownHere) has created some very cute promotional videos for its artists. I featured one before, but I thought I’d feature a couple more for Monday Morning Humor. Label owner John Mays (whose illustrious resumee you can look up for yourself online) runs his own Radio 101 course… in his basement. Here’s the episode featuring Jason Gray.
“I’m the big bad wolf of radio success, and I EAT cute little artists like you for BREAKFAST.” Check out Part II, also guest starring Jason, where John Mays runs for President of… something. Keep watching to the end!
“I sent an e-mail to Bono. At Is that his e-mail address?”

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