Guest Concert Review: Brian Free & Assurance in Wynne, AR

Guest Concert Review: Brian Free & Assurance in Wynne, AR July 18, 2014

[Editor’s Note: This concert review is a guest post by Lauren of Lauren’s Southern Gospel Views From the Pew. It’s shorter than she had planned it to be, but thereby hangs a tale…] Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. We serve a God of all possibilities, but sometimes He chooses not to allow things to go the way you want them to. This was the case Saturday night. Brian Free and Assurance was in Wynne, Ark. I knew there was some construction on the interstate between there and where I live, so I wanted to leave early to ensure I would make it. I didn’t leave quite as early as I planned, but still I didn’t think I would have any problem making the concert.

I was only three miles from my exit off the interstate and about 15 miles from the church. I began to see the warning signs of possible delays, but it was only two more miles of interstate. Why take the detour and add five more miles when I was so close? Traffic showed no signs of stopping until I passed that last detour exit. That’s when I saw brake lights in front of me. We came to a dead stand still. I didn’t start really worrying, after all I had a 30 minute time cushion. And I only needed to go two more miles before I exited. But the closer it got to 7 p.m. with only having moved inches, or at least it felt that way, I became increasingly frustrated. There was nothing I could do, no place to turn around, no other exit, and I was so close! So I prayed and prayed hard, because that was all I could do. So when 7 p.m. came and the concert was starting, this is what I saw –
Stuck in traffic on the way to BFA concert
Yes, I was still caught in the two miles of interstate 45 minutes later. God who is all-powerful and could move mountains did not move the traffic along the interstate for me to make the concert at start time. But He did eventually answer, unfortunately for me it was about 30 minutes into the concert when I finally did arrive.
I walked into the church as they were singing “Tell It Like It Was.” I hoped to just be able to slip in on the back row and not make a scene, but again things did not go as planned. The church was packed out, and there was no room on the back row. Maybe I was not the only one late from the interstate traffic. Thankfully, I found a seat right before the song ended.
Brian Free started talking about the issues that we face in today’s society. He gave the challenge to the men to lead their families. I got a little excited and relieved that I had not missed “I Want to Be That Man.” He said that words are not enough, but children have to see Christ in their fathers. He talked about his dad, his legacy and the legacy he hoped to leave for his sons and grandchildren. Then, they sang “I Want to Be That Man.”
They picked up the pace next with “A Little Bit of Me and You” which featured bass singer Jeremy Lile. I was very thankful to get to hear some of the new songs live! The next song was “Say Amen,” another new one. This was one song I definitely hoped that I hadn’t missed! Brian said that no matter how long we have been saved, may we never forget the price that was paid for us. No matter what we face, we can “say amen.” I loved hearing this song live. As they sang “Say amen,” the audience would say “amen” after them.
Lauren's BFA Concert Shot #1
After a short break, Brian said they had a couple of requests. One of them was “Save Me a Seat,” which Jeremy sang. Loved getting to hear Jeremy sing this one!
Next, they sang another new one “God of Possibilities.”  Bill does an amazing job on this song. I was glad I hadn’t missed another one of my favorites from the new project!
Brian then was featured on “Oh What a Savior.” He talked about getting to hear Rosie Rozell sing it and in fact knowing him well. He said that it’s the song that all tenors try to sing like Rosie sang it, but no one can do it like he did it. Brian does not do a shabby job in the least.
But I loved getting to hear Brian sing “Calvary’s Cry” next. The group was getting ready to draw the service to a close after the invitation. Brian said they would sing one more, and we were ready to hear “As Long As I Got King Jesus.” But the pastor came up and said he had a request for “Calvary’s Cry.” I’m glad he did! So we got two more songs, because they did close with “As Long As I Got King Jesus” with the audience on its feet clapping along!
Lauren's BFA Concert Shot #2
Despite my missing the first part of the concert, it was a great night overall. We serve a God of all possibilities. It wasn’t a night of the possible outcome that I wanted. While He didn’t choose to move traffic, He let me hear all the songs I was most looking forward to hearing live. Even after being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, it was well worth the trip and just the reminder of God’s faithfulness that I needed.

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