Finals Week: A Playlist

Finals Week: A Playlist December 11, 2014

I got all my finals out of the way in one fell swoop this week (graph theory in the [early] morning, advanced calculus at noon, advanced linear algebra in the afternoon, yeah baby), and it sure feels good! Here are a few inspiring tunes that got me through this trying time. They’ve spoken to my heart. May they speak to yours.
The Morning Of
“Don’t Stop,” Fleetwood Mac ***
One Down, Two to Go
“Stayin’ Alive,” the Bee Gees
Oh yes, I did so do an epic walk between buildings to this one. Thanks Mom. ***
“Sanity’s Side,” Little River Band
(But seriously now folks, this one is a GREAT tune. File under “most underrated pop gems ever.”): ***
“Roll With the Changes,” REO Speedwagon
“Gentlemen, shall we attempt this one?”
*Note: Studio track mixed with crowd roars. Still awesome.

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