Create Your Own Caption Contest: David Phelps's New Album Cover

Create Your Own Caption Contest: David Phelps's New Album Cover April 15, 2015

Okay everyone, I’m counting on you. Here is the album cover for Freedom, the latest solo record by Gaither Vocal Band tenor David Phelps. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with an awesome caption for this manifestly ridiculous photo.
Here’s mine: “Iiiiiiiit’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!”

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  • thenickkitchen

    Well, Game of Thrones is back…so let’s lead with this, shall we? “I’m King of the North!” Or maybe you’d prefer: “Dulcolax; Feeling Free”
    Captions aside, I am curious to hear what you think about the record. Reviewing it, or no?

  • thenickkitchen

    Coincidentally, I dig the photo for the most part. I just can’t wrap my mind around the “one suspender strap” down look.

  • Kevin Krueger

    Run Forest Phillips…Run !!

  • “It’s swimmin’ time!!!”
    The cover is weird, but it kinda looks like he’s shouting “FREEDOM!” at the top of his lungs. While his suspenders are falling off…

  • Reese Bilby

    “iiiiiiiiiiiii can’t believe its not buttterrrrrr!!!!” Seriously though this album will blow your socks off….literally.

  • JSR

    I can’t think of anything but “freedom”. Seems like a fairly appropriate cover to me. The only thing I found strange was his suspenders.

  • Lydia

    “My pants are falling down because one of my suspenders came off, but I’m still HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!”

  • Brad

    Based on the car coming up the road I’m going with:
    “YAY, my wife is finally home!!! I have been babysitting the kids all day long!!!

  • So far, the unanimous consensus seems to be that whatever else you think of the cover, the single-strap suspender is really weird. 🙂

  • I’m not a huge Phelps Phan, but I do appreciate musical variety, and it sounds like he’s exploring some interesting sounds on this album. So I actually might.

  • Libby

    YES!!!!! That old car finally died. Now I can get a new one!!!!!!!

  • Saved Girl

    *finishes stretching* “Gooooood mornin’, good morning, it’s great to stay up late….”

  • thenickkitchen

    The track with the GVB is especially great (Wes sounds pretty fantastic on the final harmony note over David’s).

  • Anna Marie Penix

    The CD is FANTASTIC! I love the photo of David in this more relaxed style of clothing….and the use of the sepia tones. I think he is hollering about the FREEDOMS and deliverance that we can enjoy from accepting Jesus’ atonement for our sins! This project touches raw nerves and is such a vulnerable, uninhibited sample of his beautiful voice and talents as a song writer. I think it is amazing!

  • Karen R. Thomas

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Just heard David sing Ghost Town (Freedom) live last Saturday night and whew! what a phenomenal voice, message, and performance! This man’s voice is beyond amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of the audience when he reveals the depths of his God-given talents! Praise God for Freedom!

  • David and his family calling into The Dave Ramsey Show after paying off their debt and finishing their debt snowball.
    “We’re debt freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

  • Tad Kirkland

    I don’t understand why you’re picking on some actual unique covers that appear they might have actually thought about a concept rather than the typical “I’m smiling here in my suit and this cover could be on all my albums and wouldn’t make a difference” that grace most every other SG album cover.
    I didn’t notice the missing suspender till everyone pointed it out so now of course it bothers me. So, I’ve come up with THE explanation. Freedom refers to him becoming free of the suspenders that have been binding him! So glad I could clear it up for everyone. You’re welcome.

  • I’m not opposed to unique covers, I just pick on them when they use a crazy color palette, put the artist in a strange setting, or make the artist look dorky. 🙂 For example, one cover I critiqued had Wes Hampton sitting in a plush red chair with this jagged, hellish branch jutting out randomly over his head. Okay, it’s unique, but the decor is completely arbitrary. And in this case, it’s a problem of not knowing what makes your subject look good. The photographer should have known that David looks the most dorky when he’s striking a hammy pose, and that the problem would only be exacerbated by the missing suspender. Which I didn’t even know was a thing until seeing this cover. But your explanation makes total sense.

  • Here’s an idea: Instead of telling David to wave his arms around with this weird expression on his face, have him stand on the banks of a large river, maybe shot from behind looking out over it. Maybe add some cool lighting to give it a sunrise feel. That would explicitly tie in with one of the songs on the album (“On Heaven’s Shore”), and it would also symbolically convey the longing for freedom.

  • Tad Kirkland

    So you apparently have an issue with GVB tenors!
    It could be that the car is chasing him down the road and he’s crying for freedom from the revenuers and the suspender fell in his haste?

  • lee65

    Help!!! I’m being chased by mobsters and they just shot off one of my suspenders.

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  • janet skidmore

    Late to the game but: “Hey! You guys over there! Have you seen my other suspender?” And I love David and the CD, but we can have a little humor in life.