Youtube Find: Vintage Cathedrals Music

Youtube Find: Vintage Cathedrals Music April 7, 2015

Some of us don’t have the space to amass a vinyl collection or the vinyl players to enjoy it on, but we still love vintage music. The other day, I found a goldmine of Cathedrals music on Youtube, including albums from the 60s/70s/80s that you still can’t purchase digitally. The music has been digitized from the user’s collection, and while the quality varies from record to record, it’s better than a through-the-air recording like some other vintage Cats uploads. The user hasn’t gathered most of them into playlists, but if you go to his channel and click “See more” enough times, from a certain point on it’s nothing but vintage Cathedrals records. Better yet, here’s a link to all the songs at once, generated by searching “Cathedrals” on the channel, though this doesn’t group songs from the same album all together. Also, it appears that the videos for Climbing Higher and Higher were accidentally uploaded with no sound. Otherwise, full albums all told include:

With Brass, 1966
Focus on Glen Payne, 1968 (full playlist here)
Welcome to Our World, 1972 (full playlist here)
You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet, 1979
Featuring George Younce, 1983
Individually, 1983
Voices in Praise Acappella, 1984
The Prestigious Cathedral Quartet, 1984
An Old Convention Song, 1985
Worship His Glory in Acappella Praise, 1993
Some of Their Finest Moments, 1994 (best-of collection, middling quality)
Radio Days, 1996
Acapella Favorites, 2000 (best-of collection)
I haven’t even scratched the surface of it all yet, but one album I do have in my collection already that’s uploaded here in excellent quality is 1984’s Prestigious Cathedral Quartet. Recorded with tenor Danny Funderburk, baritone Mark Trammell, and pianist Roger Bennett, this album featured a few of the Cathedrals’ signature songs and a few forgotten gems. It includes one of my absolute favorite Cathedrals songs ever, which to my knowledge has never been recorded by anyone else. It should be. It’s called “Next Time We Meet,” and it’s absolutely haunting. Somebody please bring this one back. Thank you:
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  • Bobby Pace

    Thank you YankeeGospelGirl for posting this information. The Cathedrals are my all time favorite gospel group, and they have so many wonderful songs. Daniel J. Mount in the old Southern Gospel Blog one time said, the Cathedrals had recorded around 850 songs in their careers. I have most of their CD’s and VHS tapes but do not have any of their LP albums, so it is nice to see some songs from their albums posted on the link you provided. Next Time We Meet is a beautiful song with a wonderful message. Glen and George did select some wonderfully talented singers, song writers and arrangers, and musicians, to produce gospel music that would honor God, bless the hearts of men and women, and point them to Christ, during their Cathedral years. As Scott Fowler once said “Glen and George had “IT”, a wonderful chemistry, and they could line up some sticks to be with them and they still would make wonderful music.” I love all the groups that came from the Cathedrals; Greater Vision, Legacy Five, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, and the Mark Trammell Quartet and try to see them when they are in my area and I attended one of the Cathedral Family Reunions in 2015 which was awesome. Unfortunately I never got to meet Glen and George or see them in person as I was busy working and raising my family, attending their sports activities, and did not get interested in Southern Gospel Music until after the Cathedrals had retired. I plan to see them in Heaven some day. Thanks again for your post and may God bless you.

  • You’re very welcome, Bobby!