From the Vault: The Booth Brothers, "Home Where I Belong"

From the Vault: The Booth Brothers, "Home Where I Belong" June 12, 2015

It gives me great pleasure to brighten Youtube with the (in my opinion) definitive cover of this B. J. Thomas classic. The Brothers don’t seem to have a studio recording of it, which is interesting since they obviously cut a studio track for themselves to use on this performance.
This arrangement hews fairly closely to the Gaither Vocal Band’s interpretation, but the Booths’ harmonies are just unbeatable on this. I would also rate it as one of Ronnie Booth’s best lead vocals. I’ve often thought that in a different era, Ronnie could have had a great solo career in country music. Truly one of the most naturally gifted vocalists I’ve ever heard.

I’m not sure who the gentleman in freeze frame is at around 2:43 (presumably an acquaintance of the group who had passed).
If you’ve enjoyed this, keep coming back for more gems from the vault!

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  • Lydia

    Thanks for doing these! Ronnie’s voice is perfect for this song.
    My very favorite song from that project is “While Ages Roll.”

  • I can’t confirm this, but I wonder if the freeze-frame is of one of the original Booth Brothers.

  • Lydia

    He is their uncle, as I recall. The DVD is dedicated to him. He died I think it says just five days after the concert, and I think he was present at the concert.

  • I remember this now. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Warren Smith

    Shout out to my friend Pat Terry, who wrote this song.

  • Scott Smith

    Either they sang this to a recorded track OR they were lip-syncing. For some reason they do not sell this track on their website. A friend at church wants to sing this, but I have not been able to remove the vocals from the song with any software tool, since the vocals dominate the song. What a shame we cannot buy the track.