A Simple Plea for Super Tuesday

A Simple Plea for Super Tuesday March 1, 2016

My readership is largely concentrated in the South, so if that describes you, I feel moved to write something brief for your benefit on this Super Tuesday.

Donald Trump is poised to sweep the states that are casting their votes today for the Republican nominee. If neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio can siphon off a sizable chunk of delegates, the race will be effectively over. Even if Cruz holds down his home state of Texas, it could well be effectively over.

It is sad but true that people have tended to categorize Ted Cruz with Donald Trump in their minds as “both outsiders,” “both insurgents,” and “both people the establishment hates.” On the other hand, particularly for people who obsess over the immigration issue, Marco Rubio is perceived as the one candidate they would never vote for.

The truth is that of these three candidates, the two who have the most in common are Cruz and Rubio, not Cruz and Trump. Yes, I have disagreements with Rubio, and yes, I was disappointed to see him dip his toe in some Trump-style smear tactics in South Carolina. But as the debate last week should have made clear, Cruz and Rubio are a united front against Trump. Some still hold out hope for a more concrete alliance to form between them, but that seems unlikely. At this point, the best we can hope for is that Trump is slowed enough for the party to limp its way to a brokered convention.

That’s where you, dear readers and voters, come in. At this point, unless you live in Texas, in which case you should hope Cruz wins as big as possible, I honestly do not care whether you prefer him to Rubio or vice versa. Flip a coin. Roll a die. But for God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t sell your soul to Donald Trump. Don’t pledge your fealty to this vulturous shell of a man who despises you almost as much as he loves himself. Don’t make the same mistake so many other souls have made, some calculating and opportunistic like Gov. Chris Christie, some just simple folk who are easily duped, others consumed with rage and bitterness who positively want America to burn. Yes, I realize some of those souls include Benghazi heroes, Sarah Palin, even (alas) Phyllis Schlafly. But you still have a choice. Your own conscience still lies in your own hands. If you let it slip through your fingers now, you will never recover it.

If you do not heed this warning, then may God have mercy on your soul for what is about to happen.

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