Becoming a Palpable Presence in Our Children’s Lives

Becoming a Palpable Presence in Our Children’s Lives September 6, 2012

Some dads are present sometimes. Some are absent. And then some are palpable presences in their children’s lives.

I love how Nathan Miller describes Theodore Roosevelt’s father in his book, Theodore Roosevelt: A Life:

No one had a greater influence upon his namesake. By example and instruction, he imbued Theodore, Jr., with a strong sense of moral values and remained an almost palpable presence at his side long after his death at the age of forty-six.

There’s no short cut to being a good father. It takes showing sincere interest in our children’s lives. It takes tucking them in at night, praying with them at mealtimes, and sharing our difficulties and successes with them. It takes dating them, or taking them on father-son adventures. And it takes coaching, wrestling, reading, fishing, shopping, camping, and attending ballet recitals.

In short, it takes time.

Will you take it? Will you become a palpable presence in your children’s lives?

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