“We’ll Pay You Cash For Well-Behaved Kids!”

“We’ll Pay You Cash For Well-Behaved Kids!” February 19, 2013

Think parenting is a thankless job? Well, think again. Or, better yet…stop thinking and go out to eat at Sogno di Vino, an Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington.

Laura and Chris King took their three children out to eat at an upscale Italian restaurant, and when they received their bill they’d been given a “Well Behaved Kids” discount. The restaurant took $4 off the total because they were impressed with the King children, and wanted to express their appreciation toward the parents.

Laura King told the Daily News, “This was definitely a random act of kindness. We didn’t go to the restaurant expecting a reward. We expect our kids to act this way whenever we are out and about.” The owner of the restaurant, Angela Scott, said, “We see the opposite a lot of time. Sometimes children are not the most well-behaved. It was nice especially because they are so young.”

I’m usually amazed to get out of a restaurant without paying extra for the noise and mess our family made…and usually I’m the instigator. It’s nice to know there are people out there who appreciate parents, children, and manners today. I know where I’m eating out the next time I’m in Poulsbo, Washington!

(For more on this story, visit my source: New York Daily News)


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