Running Back Averages 69-Yards Per Carry!

Running Back Averages 69-Yards Per Carry! May 13, 2013

I have a new favorite running back. He may not bench 350-lbs. or run the 40-yard dash in less than 5 seconds…but he’s strong, courageous, and carries the ball with class. He’s never fumbled. He’s never been penalized. And, most impressive, he averages 69-yards-per-carry. His name is Jack Hoffman, and he’s 7-years old. Here’s the video of Jack’s touchdown from the Spring Game:


Jack Hoffman’s Story:

On April 22, 2011 Jack Hoffman, a little bike-riding, fish-catching, Husker-football-watching boy from Atkinson, Nebraska was life flighted to Children’s Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. He was having life-threatening seizures. Doctors found a tumor on Jack’s left temporal lobe. Jack had surgery to remove the tumor on May 20, 2011, but the surgery was unsuccessful and the remaining tumor was labeled “inoperable.” Jack has more seizures, which was eventually diagnosed as Secondary Epilepsy. Jack’s family kept at it – consulting specialists, praying, and doing everything in their parental power to find a solution. On October 10, Jack underwent another surgery with a pediatric neurosurgeon, Liliana Goumnerova, and she removed approximately 95% of the tumor. This surgery also helped Jack not have any more seizures. Sadly, in April of 2012, an MRI revealed “significant growth” on the spot that Dr. Goumnerova wasn’t able to remove. This new growth was labeled “inoperable.”  Jack began chemotherapy on April 27, 2012 through Children’s Hospital in Omaha. He’s still fighting…and he’s got a huge team cheering him on. The month of May is Cancer Awareness Month. Jack’s parents, Andy & Bri, are amazing people who are not only zealously fighting for their son’s survival, they’re tenaciously committed to helping find an effective cure for pediatric brain cancer. Jack’s chemotherapy treatment is 25-years old because of a lack of funding has prevented new research, development, and improvements. The Hoffman’s and Team Jack are out to change all that…and they’re gaining ground every day. But they need our help! I’m grateful to the Hoffmans for letting me join them in raising money for pediatric brain cancer. If you purchase a copy of “Man on the Run” from Team Jack’s website, all proceeds go to pediatric brain cancer research. So give “Man on the Run” as a Father’s Day gift, or to a recent graduate, and know that you’re helping keep running backs like Jack healthy and on the field for years to come. Thanks for your support!

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