The Game With No Losers

The Game With No Losers October 7, 2013

I attended the Nebraska FCA banquet last night to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of coaches, athletes, and entire communities through the gospel. And then I came into the office this morning, and read a story about a football team that proved that football is not ultimately about winning games—it’s about using the sport as a platform to honor God and serve others.

Fairview, Colorado was one of the communities hit hard by the September floods. Homes were destroyed, roads were washed out, and hundreds of families were left trying to rebuild their lives. A few weeks ago, Fairview High School played Lakewood in a down-to-the-wire football game. Fairview and Lakewood are rivals, and the game was hard-fought. Lakewood ended up beating Fairview by two points, 45-43.

After the game the spectacular happened:

“…the Lakewood players invited the FHS players to join them at mid-field and take a knee. The quarterback of the LHS team spoke to both teams stating that it had been a hard fought game, but after the hardship the FHS team had faced over the previous week they wanted everyone to know that they were all brothers and if the FHS players needed anything now or in the future for them just to ask, because Lakewood High School and Tiger football team was there for them. As for the adults watching…there was not a dry eye.”

In addition to this offer to help, Lakewood’s students and fans raised over $1,500 that Saturday night to give to Fairview to show their support.

The team that lost, won. And the team that won, got served. And everyone present that night saw the best of high school athletics. Don Stensrud, Fairview’s principal, wrote a note to Ron Castagna, Lakewood’s out-going principal, saying:

“So on a personal note to Ron, you leave a legacy of excellence in education but more importantly, a school filled to overflowing with character, class, and compassion.”

We talked about “legacy” last night at the FCA banquet. What better legacy could a principal (or coach, parent, or student) hope to leave?

Click here to read the entire statement from Don Stensrud. And please keep praying for our friends in Colorado who are still rebuilding from recent floods and fires.


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