No wrong way to eat meat… just ask this little Angels fan. (Video)

No wrong way to eat meat… just ask this little Angels fan. (Video) July 22, 2015



Our family eats meat… and a lot of it. I put a pencil to paper for this post and figured out that we eat approximately 3 deer, 1 side of beef, 1 lamb, 1 pig, 15 pheasants, 5 turkeys, 15 salmon, who knows how many shrimp, and about 160 chicken breasts each year. I make no apologies for this formidable protein intake. Not only is the human digestive system well equipped to use, and benefit from, the fats, proteins, and nutrients found in meat, meat-eaters are helping plant eaters have food to eat. If all people were vegetarians, we would eventually run out of plants to eat. All plants need fertilizer in some form in order to grow and complete their life cycles. In nature, plants will most often acquire nutrients through organic matter that decomposes in the soil, but to raise the amount of plants needed to feed the world, farming operations need to collect waste from livestock in order to provide the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) that crops require… so if we didn’t have livestock, and ways to collect waste, we wouldn’t have the nutrients necessary to raise crops at the degree needed to feed the world.

So… there is nothing wrong with eating meat, and there’s no wrong way to do it… even if you need to apply the 5-second rule to a baseball stadium hotdog like this little Angels fan:



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