10 Things I Want You to Know About the New Charismatics

10 Things I Want You to Know About the New Charismatics August 16, 2016


This article has appeared at Onfaith & ChristianWeek.

There is a groundswell taking place, a grassroots Christian movement if you will, that centers on renewing charismatic and Pentecostal faith for the twenty-first century. And I think this movement just might be the most exciting area of emergence in the American church today.

While this groundswell is diverse, there are some common threads that I want to identify and celebrate. Some of us who are a part of this growing trend have taken to calling ourselves “New Charismatics” — by no means a formal label or category, just one way to describe what we find ourselves caught up in.

So, here are 10 things I want you to know about us:

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  • Raz162

    Sorry Zach, I only learned one thing about you since it is super annoying to have to click ten separate times to read a few hundred words.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    A lot to admire and agree with there, but for the sake of sanity, please …

  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Iain Lovejoy


  • Yes! I’ve wondered for years what to make of my experience plowing with the charismatics. I was first attracted to God in the 1970s. I was, still am a Jesus freak. I have felt excluded by most churches because of my Psychological issues, childhood trauma, multiple addictions & through out the last 40 plus years have, until recently, avoided inventorying my past vast experiences & efforts to find a spiritual community, first because of the failures & humiliation, second because contact with mainline churches based on my own consumerist volition yielded bitter fruit. I’m waiting on the Lord to show me where to go. my best extended spiritual experience to stay clean & sober came from exposure to the 12 step program in AA & I go to meetings. I got a good education there about addiction of all types & was restored, or rather introduced, to sanity about being strung out on an emotional high from exposure to charismatic junkies. Everything changes in recovery & I shall not throw the baby out with the proverbial bath water.`€=-)

  • Hey Iain, I get it, just trying out the slideshow post option here :). You can read the whole post in one place at my author blog: http://zhoag.com/3-reasons-god-did-not-kill-jesus-but-jesus-still-had-to-die/

  • Appreciate this Charles! The emotional health you find in recovery is a POWERFUL antidote to the charismatic insanity. Many of us have come to a similar conclusion that what we need more than anything is REALITY. Blessings to you :).

  • Obscurely

    I agree with Iain, substance trumps style, one page please!

  • Obscurely

    Would have liked to hear more about what’s still distinctively charismatic about New Charismatics — because a lot of non-charismatic churches could check off all ten of the qualities on your list? 🙂

  • Raymond

    Split across several pages = didn’t read.

  • cvryder2000

    This is SO not new…..it happened in the 1970s. Oh well, I guess everything old is new again.