Farewell, _____________

Farewell, _____________ October 5, 2016

Friends (at least those of you who are still checking this blog from time to time),

I’ve done this once before, but the time has come to seal the deal, for real. It’s time to officially say, “Farewell.”

I came to the Patheos Progressive Christian channel to work out a faith transition that was happening in my own life, and, I think at least to an extent, in the church at large. While I’ve never been particularly stoked on the label “progressive,” I was, in fact, progressing.

But the fact is that this transition has reached a fullness – not that I have already attained, or completely evolved, or whatever, but the thing I came here to do has in a very real sense been done.

And while I don’t know all that awaits me in this next season, I do know that I’ll be writing at, and other places too. And of course, I have a book coming out at the beginning of next summer.

To all the folks here on the channel – keep progressing. 

To all the readers – thanks for hanging out, and see you around.

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