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Ghost Brother Angel

By Grant Schnarr

Chandra Hoffman"Ghost Brother Angel lifts the veil on coincidence to expose the deeper connections between the spiritual and natural world -- an uphill journey through grief and fear to faith, a deeply fulfilling read."
—Chandra Hoffman, author of Chosen

"In Ghost Brother Angel Grant Schnarr takes us on a dramatic personal journey in search of answers to his own troubled past -- and more universal questions of courage and faith. He skillfully weaves the beliefs of several different cultures -- African warriors, Native Americans, as well as his own Swedenborgianism -- into a fascinating story. Emotionally honest, carefully observed, this entirely readable book shines a light on the dark, terrifying moments of life we all must struggle with -- and offers solace to our deepest fears."
—Liza Gyllenhaal, author of Local Knowledge, So Near, and the forthcoming A Place for Us

"A profoundly moving, exciting account of Grant Schnarr's spiritual journey to unlock answers to burning questions from his childhood. Ghost Brother Angel is an honest page-turner that will help you understand your own fears of death, the afterlife, and will validate that love is stronger than death."
—Maureen Hancock, author of The Medium Next Door

10/1/2012 4:00:00 AM
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