Baptized and Claimed for Christ through the Ages

We were made for this: to grow up, and live, ultimately, in a communion of saints through our families, among our friends, and within our churches.

Even a convert to Catholicism, who may not share a family legacy of faith beforehand, is now adopted in and yoked to this amazing familial communion in heaven and earth. Not only that, a convert's life—indeed, every Christian's life!—is an opportunity to begin a legacy that brings others to baptism, and to the fullness of faith that baptism initiates.

For some day, some very fine day, it won't matter where we were baptized, or why, or when -- it will just matter that we were on the receiving end of the grace that started it all, leading us to the meet the Father, the Son, and Spirit in their fullness, and the loved ones that are joined with them there.

8/1/2012 4:00:00 AM
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