How Accurate Is Today’s Christmas Story Compared to the Biblical Accounts? EPISODE 25

The nativity story is ubiquitous during the Christmas season. It's so well-known that even non-Christians are familiar with most of the primary plot points. But when we compare the way the story is told in pageants and plays to the actual biblical accounts in Matthew in Luke, we quickly start to find differences and inaccuracies. While many already know some of these errors and fabrications, there may be more than initially thought. Listen to this special extended episode to learn more about how today's nativity story compares to the biblical accounts. Did you know that Answers is also a YouTube series? Watch episodes like this one and so many others right here. Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here. Or you can check out Patheos' other podcast offerings here. Curious about religion? Explore the world's beliefs at Patheos.com or Like and Follow us on Facebook.

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