Straight to Hell EPISODE 23

From the youngest of children to the eldest among us, none of us can resist the urge to wonder deeply about what will happen to us after our short lives here on Earth are over. The question itself is deeply human and has a way of penetrating time, culture, income-level, place, and way of life that very few others can. In this special extended episode in our Answers series, we're exploring what different religions believe about the afterlife and, in particular, how these different traditions conceive of the postmortal reality known as "hell," "hades," or "naraka." By listening to this episode, we hope that you will discover a newfound interest in and appreciation for both the similarities and differences within and between these great religious streams. Did you know that Answers is also a YouTube series? Watch episodes like this one and so many others right here. Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here. Or you can check out Patheos' other podcast offerings here. Curious about religion? Explore the world's beliefs at Patheos.com or Like and Follow us on Facebook.

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