The Crucifixion of Jesus: Why Did He Have to Die? EPISODE 32

The 1st century execution of Jesus of Nazareth is arguably the single most well-known historical event ever recorded. But while the facts of his death are largely unchallenged nearly two millennia later, the purpose and meaning of the death of Jesus (the central figure of the world's largest religion) is still to this day a source of much debate, discussion, and interpretation. Listen to this special extended episode to learn more about Jesus Christ, his crucifixion, and the various ways Christians interpret his death at the hands of the Roman Empire. Did you know that Answers is also a YouTube series? Watch episodes like this one and so many others right here. Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here. Or you can check out Patheos' other podcast offerings here. Curious about religion? Explore the world's beliefs at Patheos.com or Like and Follow us on Facebook.

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