Faithful Citizenship: A Book Excerpt

What does Jesus have to say about how we live in community?

What does the tradition have to tell us about how we are supposed to treat each other?

How can we extrapolate from these Christian ideals to specific political beliefs, rather than trying to reconcile our personal and political beliefs to our faith?

How should we vote, what are our rights and responsibilities as Christians in America, what is the Christian notion of good government?

If we can answer these questions for ourselves faithfully, then when it comes time to wrestle with specific and topical political issue—in later chapters of this book, in the coming election, and in the months and years to come—we will be much more likely to approach those complicated and emotion-filled issues through our Christian theological understandings than to retrofit our religious beliefs to match what we already think we think.

4/11/2012 4:00:00 AM