Parshat Beha'alotecha: Numbers 8:1 - 12:16

Quite the rant, eh? Well G-d says FINE! And tells the people to prepare for two days of dead birds to rain down on them to eat. The Israelites greedily collect the meat and while some object, many dig in to their new feast. But before they can say, "Hey, pass the soy sauce," (hey, it was quail . . . quail and soy sauce is delish), G-d struck them down with a plague. Yikes!

Quails browning in panBut the complaining and bad behavior doesn't end there. Like typical siblings, Miriam and Aaron aren't thrilled about their sister-in-law, Moses' wife. They are a little annoyed because she isn't part of the Israelite people. So they screw up their courage and go "speak" to their brother. Now, fine, no big deal, a big sister who rescued her brother from certain death at the hands of the Egyptians has a right to look out for her brother . . . if only she didn't question G-d when she did it. Both Miriam and Aaron say, "What? G-d only speaks to/thru Moses? What are we? Chopped liver?" And with that, they question Moses as G-d's divine prophet. G-d, being, well, G-d, is having none of this tomfoolery and makes it known that Moses is G-d's biggest and bestest prophet. Aaron apologizes right away but before Miriam can, she is struck with the snowy white pox that was mentioned in Parshot Tezriah & Metzorah. Right away her brothers call out to G-d to heal her but she was still to be sent out of the camp for the required seven days.

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