In Case You Missed It: Top Articles of 2010

image courtesy of J. Salmoral via C. C. License at FlickrDid you read the interview with the Harvard law professor dying of cancer? Or the daring defense of the Crusades from one of the nation's leading sociologists? Or the extended discussion of whether conservative evangelicals are falling into a version of patriotism that is nothing short of idolatrous? Or the story of the rhythmic gymnast who woke up one morning convinced that God was calling her to leave the Olympics behind?

We are very proud of the articles, columns and interviews that we have featured over the past year. In case you missed some, below are the pieces that garnered the most traffic, generated the most conversation, or offered (in our own humble opinion) the most interesting ideas.

Item of the Year: "You Will Call, I Will Answer." Harvard law professor William Stuntz discusses his terminal cancer -- how he endures the pain, how he regards his coming death, and how he has found peace in the midst of suffering. This, for good reason, has been the single most widely read piece that Patheos has published to date.

Future of Evangelicalism: An extraordinary group of scholars, pastors and writers generously contributed to our discussion on the Future of Evangelicalism. Some highlights:

  1. Scot McKnight, The Old Coalition is Passing
  2. Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, and Justin Taylor, The Evangelical Reformed Movement: A Comeback
  3. Ed Stetzer, Future Trends in Evangelicalism
  4. Joe Carter, Our Unevenly Distributed Future
  5. Timothy Dalrymple, On the Dire Need for the Imitation of Christ
  6. Al Hsu, Evangelicalism Tribalism: The Big Sort of the Breakfast Club?
  7. Rod Dreher, In Search of a Rock on Which to Stand
  8. Hugh Hewitt, There and Back Again: The Roman Catholic Church in America's Next Decade
  9. Soong-Chan Rah, The End of Christianity in America?
  10. Rodney Stark, Are Evangelicals the New Mainline?
  11. Paul Copan and William Lane Craig, Trajectories in Philosophy and Apologetics

Religion and Science: The relationship between faith and scientific investigation is a source of consistent concern for evangelicals, and the following were our best reflections on that complex relationship:

  1. Karl Giberson, Storm Clouds on the Horizon: The Future of Science and Religion
  2. James Hannam, Science Versus Christianity?
  3. Marvin Olasky, Dissenters from the Established Church
  4. Daniel Harrell, Evolution as Witness
12/31/2010 5:00:00 AM