The War on Diversity

What distinguishes us from the war zones from Ireland to the Middle East is this belief that the government cannot be co-opted by any one religious organization or denomination. It is everyone’s government. That is what distinguishes America most from al-Qaeda, actually. They seek imposition of their religion on the world, at all costs. That is the hallmark of the religious crusader. We have a better world than they can ever concoct, because we fundamentally reject their belief in a ruling religious leadership that rules according to specific religious doctrine. The governments in the United States are not owned by any religious denomination, and that is true freedom for all.

The “war on Christmas” rhetoric is in reality a barely cloaked war on diversity. Everyone who chooses to do so should celebrate Christmas and extol the virtues of the season. But neither Christians nor Christmas needs or should ask the government to make it happen.

12/8/2010 5:00:00 AM