Remnants of a Veil on the Wings of Harmony

Editors' Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Spirituality community here.

What am I but light?
What am I but a vessel of information?
...of an Infinite Source
What am I but a filter?
What am I but an entity of love?
...unless I flow
What am I but a wizard's wand?
What am I but power? make all things possible
...touching hearts
What am I but a maestro?
What am I but an intricate seed?
...moving mountains
...with a melody

My cardinal tenet to continue doing my part for our collective collaboration as a surviving and aspiring humanity is to find and sustain my inner coherence and harmonious sound. It is the veil of distraction of my own mind that is thinning as I harmonize every aspect of myself to a superior sound ... much like an accomplished a cappella group made up of all parts of me: physical, material, biological, mental, spiritual, soulful, social, emotional, mystical, logical, mundane, creative, cultural, universal, masculine, feminine, linear, ethereal...all me in harmonious proportions. The only virtual veil I want to wear is the one that holds my mystery and my personal ritual and tradition in expressing myself and love in the world. This veil is sacred and illuminating. The other veil of diversion is an illusion that keeps me isolated and out-of-tune. It is a part of a global fabric of disparity, deeming us separate when we are not.

Together, those of us who see the wisdom of inner harmony as we also strategize our agendas in the world, regardless of lifestyle preferences, are the ones who are part of a unique global and universal initiative for a sustainable world. This initiative is a natural evolution of unification of every authentic tenet across the span of cultures, religions, and lifestyles. We come together not because we are watering down our traditions and all that is meaningful to us—what is essentially meaningful is the thread of purity that binds us.

Inner harmony resonates mastery and reverberates an alignment within all creation. This fact is non-negotiable and undeniable. Those of us able even remotely to subscribe to this call of alignment are the ones who must find the courage and focus to follow this trajectory. With this self-commitment, we join others and lift our brethren who are in destitution until they stand on their own.

This path might seem like a lonely path. Rather, the good news prevails that this path is a medley only sustained in collaboration, creativity, and cooperation. Its power has been known for centuries, and only now is it a power that will not be deterred by fear. Each of us simply makes a choice to join this rhythmic journey, resounding "I am that I am" in the image and melody of God. If the reality that the thread of purity weaving within our souls is God and therefore God is within each of us and within all creation, then we are in a realm of new revelations and new God-awareness. If this agreement is not new, then we have spiraled into an era of rejuvenated awareness of every ancient and valuable holy text, scroll, and tenet speaking the truth of love, charity, and sanctity of virtuous living. The power and clarity of each individual and every cell is the core. Each human, and every cell within, is a generator of energy and manifestation. Now we focus on the quality of what is generated and on the collaboration with others on this same trajectory.

By removing the veil of separation within ourselves and becoming coherent like a master's well-tuned instrument, we awaken the world with us, perceiving it and putting into it that which we want for it. We become the cello and the bow, the master player, the listener, and the unified sound, all in one. The harmony of each cell, each being, each organization, and so on is exponential in a humanity thirsty for this alignment, especially in light of the surreal and absurd realities of discord.

Together, we are dissolving the veil of separation where separation is detrimental; we are reaching the peak of a tidal wave of hope and real resolution.

Here are the closing words of a sermon I once gave:

It is obvious that we are at a turning point in evolution of human and universal consciousness. It is obvious that fact and fiction are searching for the common thread of truth. It is obvious that books, conferences, forums, manuscripts, experiments and their results, speakers and experts, prophecies, gurus, schools, and sanctuaries are at our fingertips. It is obvious that the mystics and the scientists, the intuitives and the historians, the psychics and quantum physicists are all in dialogue and debate. Here we are.

It is only a matter of time when we shall all see clearly the common truth to all these questions and proclamations...and we will reach a much higher ground of peace. In the meantime, as we all put our skills and hearts forth to each other, please search the mystic and the scientist within yourself, and unify them!

This way, we bring to the table of diversity, not the illusion of separation, but the reality and vision of unity...and What Lives On!

Our minds, at their highest resonance, create miracles!

Thank you for listening.

7/30/2014 4:00:00 AM
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