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Thought Life

Propelling the Gospel Ahead: David Platt and the SBC’s Future

I can think of no young leader who will be poised to do more to rally young Southern Baptists to go and if necessary die for the gospel so that unreached people may be saved.

Warren Throckmorton

Nine Current Mars Hill Church Elders Take a Bold Stand

Nine current elders called on the church to change the governance and for Mark Driscoll to submit to a restoration plan.

The Anxious Bench

The Age of Evangelicalism

Non-evangelicals made evangelicalism influential as much as evangelicals themselves did.


Nothing Comes from Nothing

The valiant attempts by atheists to get "ought" from the "is" of science is, perhaps, one of the saddest sights in philosophy.

Jesus Creed

I Love the Bible: Kaf

Sometimes our personal condition absorbs us; we can think of nothing but ourselves; we become self-preoccupied to the point of obsession. We need self-awareness; self-absorption we don't.

Adrian Warnock

This is My Story-Part 5

I foolishly persuaded myself that if life at school was hard, at least my work for God's church showed that I had something to offer.


Evangelizing the Condemned Nazis

He used both firmness and compassion, applying both the Law and the Gospel, in an effort to bring these moral monsters to repentance and to Christ.

Good Letters

The Creationist Crisis Reprise

What struck me about the Ham kerfuffle is how this arises from the same place that his strict stance on young earth creationism does. At its core, this is not about the science; it is about hermeneutics.

Mark D. Roberts

Is It “Goodbye Evangelicalism” or “We Join You In Your Suffering”?

Thabiti Anyabwile wrote a remarkable post about Ferguson and the failure of movement evangelicalism.

When The Game Stands Tall - Official Trailer