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Who the Unchurched Really Are

Most evangelism programs, church growth tactics, and other attempts to reach the "unchurched" concentrate on Millennials, young urbanites, college types, and the suburban middle class. But the demographic that is the most unchurched is the working class.

Good Letters

Monasticism In Lockdown America

"I think God's calling me," he said, "to go to prison, but not to be afraid. To go to that awful place and say to the worst men, ‘You can kill me. I don't care. I'm a child molester and a murderer. And I'm here to tell you God can forgive everything. That God loves you.'"

Imago Christi

Incarnate Love and the Wrath of God

God has wrath. This is not the same thing as the human emotion of anger because men frequently get angry and then do great harm by their anger.

Bible and Culture

Learning How to Think Biblically– Part Four

We need to get our thinking straight about the nature of God as revealed throughout the Scripture.

Samuel's Notebook

How and Why to Watch the ERLC Summit on Racial Reconciliation

It's difficult to overstate this: If you're a Christian, obediently involved in the life of a Christian church, you must have a biblical worldview on race and ethnic diversity.

The Anxious Bench

Hunting Heretics

For centuries, heresiography was a staple of Christian literature, as those who contended for their understanding of orthodoxy theology catalogued the theological sins of others.

Esquared media network

The Hidden Dangers of Resentment, Part 2

If you are feeling resentment toward your spouse for these issues or another one, please take the time to deal with it.

The Evangelical Pulpit

Can’t Spell Faith without Facebook?

It finally dawned on me that Facebook can serve as a place in which answered prayers could be celebrated and where support and strength could be extended to those in need.

Warren Throckmorton

How Did Church Leaders List Get Mars Hill Church’s Email List?

If the church is selling member emails without permission, then they should come forward and acknowledge this. If not, then the question remains, how did Church Leaders List get that information?