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Joy Indestructible

How To Die Well

The key to dying well is by living well. All of us will leave a legacy. Our lives touch the lives of others, and have the ability to leave a lasting impact.


Should Christians Watch “Game of Thrones”?

Game of Thrones may be an excellently produced series, but its seemingly non-stop sexuality raises serious doubt that any Christian can watch the show without violating the biblical command to guard one's heart.


Thomas More vs. the Reformation

Now many Catholics are outraged at Wolf Hall's treatment of their Renaissance saint, but what about what More said about Luther, More's defense of heretic burning, and what Purgatory meant to the people of the time?

Theology in the Raw

Did Moses Get it Wrong?

To state the obvious, the laws against same-sex relations (Lev 18:22; 20:13) are not done away with in the NT. In fact, one could make the argument-and one has-that the laws against same-sex relations are even reiterated in the NT.

Uncommon God, Common Good

Jesus Loves a Good Food Fight

"To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world."


Wagner: He is So Wrong and So Beautiful

Gently the reminder came: all we do is flawed. All we give each other and God is His own marred by our clumsy efforts.

The Evangelical Pulpit

The Transformative Political Power of Matthew 25

You can be a Christian conservative-embracing character and responsibility, while retaining a relational view of the person in which our obligation to the "least of these" is rooted.

Jesus Creed

What are “Vain Repetitions”?

How ironic: the thing we were so earnestly warned about-vain repetitions-was the very nature of the church's prayers. This seemed to go totally unnoticed.

The Anxious Bench

Under God

Christian nationalism isn't anything new. Heck, religious nationalism in general is far from a novelty.