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Editor's Choice

Bible and Culture

The Trials and Tribulations of Temptations

Christians are absolutely not in the bondage to sin, not because human nature is better than previously advertised but because ‘greater is he who is in you’ than any of the sources of one’s temptations.

The Anxious Bench

I am (Still) An Evangelical

When my friend asked how I could remain theologically conservative in spite of my great learning (not as great as he gave me credit for, by the way), I replied somewhat glibly,”I kept reading the Bible and it kept talking about me.”

Brandon D. Smith

Taking the Long View of Pro-Life

In my experience working in youth ministry and schools, abortions among young mothers are usually caused by the fear that they’re losing their childhood and/or the fear that raising a child is simply impossible. This is largely because we as parents have given them this concern.

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