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Ashley Willis
by Ashley Willis

5 GREAT BOOKS that Will Make You a Better Parent AND Ease Your Mind

Whenever I feel like I am struggling as a parent (which is A LOT, to be honest), I love to find a good book on the subject.  Over the years of raising our four boys, I have found myself using…

Ask Shaunti
by Shaunti Feldhahn

Moms, encourage your sons with three essential phrases.

In more than a decade of research with thousands of men and boys over the years, one thing that has stood out is the power of a mom’s words to build her son up – or (accidentally) tear him down.…

Barefoot and Pregnant
by Calah Alexander

Conversations with the Ogre

The Ogre: “Charlotte, how was taekwondo?” Charlotte: “It was awesome! I learned an ass kick!” Me: “I think you mean an AXE kick.” The Ogre: “Hahahahahahahaha no, she had it right the first time.”

Boot Campaign
by Hope Diamond, Jean Kingston, Cathy Fair and Christina Hess

Facing Fear, Fidelity, and Finances: Keeping a Military Marriage Strong During Deployment

Find out how one couple makes it work...and what they say is the key.

Dave Willis
by Dave Willis

A Marriage Blessing

As a pastor, I officiate lots of weddings. Standing with a bride and groom to mark one of the most significant milestones of their lives is truly an honor and a privilege. One of the most important aspects of a…

Jen X
by Jennifer J. McCollum

In The Background

You don’t get drunk on red wine, and fight no more, ‘Cause I don’t see you anymore, Since the hospital, But the plans I make still have you in them, Then you come swimming into view, And I’m hanging on…

Love Joy Feminism
by Libby Anne

Voice in the Wind: A Terrifying Encounter

Evangelicals inveighed against Fifty Shades of Gray. They were apoplectic about it. And yet---this book was one of the best-known Christian romance novels of the 1990s. There are lots of reasons to have a problem with Fifty Shades of Gray, but the the relationship between Christian and Ana was at least presented as consensual. In contrast, there is nothing consensual about the pleasure Marcus took in terrifying Hadassah. Marcus owns Hadassah, and she knows it.Click through to read more!

Muslimah Next Door
by Dilshad Ali

The Language of Brothers in Autism Land

This is Day 28 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 28, 2017. Our son, nine-year-old H wrote this letter to his 16-year-old brother, D bhai. Dear D Bhai, When I first realized you were different, I didn’t know what Mamma meant when she told me some things about you. I didn’t get it. I [Read More...]

Natural Wonderers
by Wendy Thomas Russell

Natural Wonderers On Hiatus

Hi friends, A quick note to let you know I’m taking a hiatus from Natural Wonderers, as I’ve begun writing a new book and need to focus my very-limited-even-on-the-best-days mental energy on that. In the meantime, consider finding me on Twitter or Facebook, checking out my column at the PBS NewsHour, or tracking me down at Brown Paper Press — a boutique publishing [Read More...]

Noting Grace
by Jennifer Fancher

Simple DIY Sliding Barndoor Tutorial – ORC week 4

Thank you to the wonderful people from Rockler for partnering with me on our Master Bedroom makeover! Here we are in Week 4 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home, and I am so excited to share this week’s…The post Simple DIY Sliding Barndoor Tutorial – ORC week 4 appeared first on Noting Grace.

Progressive Youth Ministry
by John Vest

Friends of Time: youth ministry and the clock

Youth workers come in all shapes and sizes, but they tend to have at least this one thing in common: they are busy! Youth workers are some of the busiest people on the planet, trying all the time to navigate the busy schedules of young people while also maintaining their regular scheduled programming and, in [Read More...]

Unfundamentalist Parenting
by Cindy Brandt

God as Child

  What is the central identity that Jesus took upon himself? Surely it was his identity as the “Son of God.” That identity is what got him crucified. But what does that mean? While many theologians have interpreted “Son” to mean a divinely chosen king of an earthly kingdom, child liberation theology suggests we need [Read More...]The post God as Child appeared first on Unfundamentalist Parenting.