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The People's Sheriff

Clinton and Obama Are Sleepwalking Through the War on Terror

ISIS has seized on the weaknesses of our president and Mrs. Clinton, neither of whom have any sense of urgency. 

Stacey Dash

Liberal student activists want SEGREGATION (and they want it NOW)

And now for the most racist thing you'll hear all day.

Access Politics

From pantsuits to conference-room carpets, she’s worn them all. Hillary Clinton: “Style Icon”

Seriously, she’s either copping the style of a dictator or a walking advertisement for Rugs R Us.

Politics RED Video Gallery

We the People | Ben Carson
We the People | Ben Carson
This country was designed around "We the People" and we need a government that actually understands that.
Ted Cruz for President | Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz explains why you should choose him for President.
Join Me | John Kasich
America: Join me—let’s make this election about something bigger than ourselves.
A Civilizational Struggle | Marco Rubio
This is a civilizational struggle, between the values of freedom and liberty and radical Islamic terror.
Life Changing Experience | Donald J. Trump
America has been great to me, I want to be great to America.