My take on Mark Shea and Uncharitability

Yes, there is a time to speak in measured tones and with dispassionate reason. This is especially true when speaking with those who are outside the Church. When we disagree with such a person, we should be calm, measured, and reasoned in our language. But there is also a time for the prophet to come into our midst and shake things up a bit. Why? Because one day there will be an accounting. [Read more…]

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Oh Be Careful Little Eyes – A Review of the Little Prince

Our family of 8 piled onto the couch for a much anticipated movie night. We eagerly launched Netflix and selected their critically acclaimed adaptation of the beloved children’s book “The Little Prince.” I quickly began to regret that we had not screened the film first. [Read more…]

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It’s My Birthday: Share the Love!

It’s my Birthday! We’ve experienced one transition after another. We’ve left our friends and career in Tulsa. Then we left our new friends in Texas. We’ve experienced uncertainty and grief in extreme measure. But My wife and I and our six kids are going to celebrate nonetheless! [Read more…]

On Outside the Walls: Rebecca Bratten Weiss on Not Unfriending.

Tomorrow on Outside The Walls, we’ll talk with Rebecca Bratten Weiss about how and why she avoids unfriending. Listen on the Breadbox Media app at 4pm Eastern. [Read more…]

A Question of Female Deacons: Let’s Not Get Ahead of the Church.

Boy howdy, has this been an interesting topic. It is easy to get caught up in the emotion of the argument and not take the time to take a step back and examine what is really going on. But let’s do just that. Let’s take a step back and take a look. [Read more…]

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Forming Your Conscience: It’s Annoying as Hell.

This week, on Outside the Walls, I’m going to talk with fellow Patheos blogger, Sam Rocha, about what steps we can take to form our consciences as we prepare ourselves to vote. It promises to be a riveting conversation. We’ll address both how to form our consciences overall, and with respect to the current election cycle. [Read more…]

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ISIS Martyrs Priest Saying Mass. The Front Lines Aren’t Where You Think They Are.

It was likely a very quiet mass, with the sound of shuffling feet echoing off the centuries-old walls and floors. A muffled cough here and there. Likely no one was in any kind of a hurry. This was an event that they could have done in their sleep (and some may have attempted). [Read more…]

We Want the Old Mark Shea Back: Are You Sure?

Facebook Mark, like Mr. Hyde, didn’t seem to have much connection to the great author to whom I had become accustomed. This Mark-Shea-imposter could be short tempered and sarcastic and belligerent. Facebook Mark had a way of pissing me off. [Read more…]

Apostolic Succession on Display

I had the great pleasure of attending the Rite of Episcopal Ordination for the Most Reverend David Konderla, the fourth Bishop of Tulsa. Over the course of the day, I conducted several “Instagram Interviews.” I share them with you here. [Read more…]

Of Road Trips and Rest Stops – Vol 2.

Back in May, I wrote about one of our favorite rest stops on our long trips to and from Colorado. Here are a couple of videos I just recorded at St. Fidelis that you might find interesting. [Read more…]