If you were to follow me around with a press corps, you would find that I say things too. Some of them you would like, and some of them you wouldn’t. Read more

Today is the National March for Life. Much good can be said for giving public witness to the dignity of the unborn and calling for an end to abortion. And yet, we must be careful to fully embrace the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person, in all its iterations. Read more

That injustice has tragic consequences in the lives of real families, who reflect the image of the Trinity. Read more

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo talks about the Catholic perspective on Immigration on this week’s Outside the Walls. Read more

This was the book I had been looking for since I first converted. Read more

There is nothing we can say that will make things easier for a parent who lost a child; but perhaps there is something we can pray. Read more

He was breathing, but they were very small breaths in and nothing out. In less than 20 seconds He began to turn blue. Something was wrong. Read more

There is something weighty in the decision to become Catholic. One knows that it is somehow intrinsically different than joining any denomination. Read more

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