A Mistake is a Message: The Universe is Watching

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos’ great interview today on Heal Yourself Talk Radio. Here is the show link http://healyourselftalk.com/how-to-overcome-illness-by-accessing-your-physician-within. “Kathy, thank you so much for your heartfelt testimonial. I have added it to my testimonials page http://healyourselftalk.com/testimonials and also to my guest speakers page: http://healyourselftalk.com/guest_speaker
I had agreat time learning more about your story and about your spirit guides.
I read about the King of Wands, the card you pulled for my Bday of May 18, 1973….I believe you had said it would be up on your blog but I cannot find it. I did look it up on the internet but would love to read what you saw when you pulled the King of Wands, can you point me in the right direction. Thank you so much. Life has been interesting the past two days and I think the card you pulled might give me some insight into what is going on, thanks.”
Rebbekah White
Radio Host-Heal Yourself Talk Radio
Thursdays 1-1:30 pm EST

The mystical Tarot Card has come a long way from its humble origins. In the field of psychology, Carl Jung (1875-1961) used tarot cards in analyzing the Subconscious. I use this same technique today on my radio show, Beyond The 5 Senses. I begin by identifying each callers personal Tarot card, necessary for an accurate reading.
I also begin each session by surrounding the listeners and myself with a protective mirrored light that allows only that which is of the highest and best to enter the reading. Everything else is reflected back to whence it came. If you have read this, you are now protected.
First I must apologize to Rebbekah for not being able to read my own writing. I misread the 8 as a 9. Rebekah, you are an Ace of Diamonds= Ace of Pentacles (a very special card indeed.) so I’m so glad I did not post this blog right after my show. (It is amazing how the Universe works.)
However, I do not believe in accidents– only accidently on purposes. LOL! The King of Wands must have been a message for you Rebbekah, because it is nowhere near your card! We will take a close look at The King of Wands for you because life is a game of cards.
Now, Rebbekah, let’s see what is in your hand….
This is a full reading for Rebbekah on her Personal Tarot Card connected to her birthday.
Rebbekah’s DOB= May 18=Ace of Diamonds= Ace of Pentacles
When I added all of your numbers together (including your year of birth) you are a 7.
7s are sensitive, intuitive, spontaneous and they can be too dreams to the point of expecting too much from others and from life.
7 is the combination of 3(heaven) +4(earth) = the dual nature of man= a sacred number. Great personal number!
Rebbekah is also an Ace. That means that she is an ambitious leader who is very motivated and dynamic. Aces are independent people who easily initiate new projects. In other words, they are self-starters.

Rebbekah is also a Pentacle, also known as discs and coins which deal with health, wealth and the physical world. It is the money/earth card that is anchored in the earth plane.
People who are Pentacles are practical, down-to-earth, analytical, materialistic, and resourceful. They assess the world around them on the level of the five senses. They do “believe” in the unseen, but like to “validate.”

Rebbekah is The Ace of Pentacles- the GAIN card for new success, new money, new enterprise and attainment. This is a beautiful Tarot Card, and extremely positive! A single large Pentacle is the central focus of this card, held in the palm of a giant hand extending from a cloud– Pennies from Heaven? The hand is surrounded by a brilliant white aura. Beneath the hand is a lovely garden filled with Lilies and groomed bushes. Everything in this card is positive. It says that Rebbekah is extremely positive and is good at predicting the outcome of new enterprises that she starts.
Right now you are involved in planting the seeds for a new venture that involves getting money to increase your financial security. Because you are an Ace, there is a strong indication that in the near future prosperity will be coming toward you.
But you must be open to receive. Believe, but validate. Remain patient. Stay grounded and centered in order to achieve that greater level of security and prosperity. It is not going to be easy, but for you it is far easier than for most people.
Rebbekah, for some reason, the Universe wants you to know about the King of Wands so let’s take a look at your King because I think he has chosen you.
I think of Wands as the bears of the Tarot Cards. Wands go through growing spurts of life and activity, and then return to hibernation where their leaves all fall off and they look like they are dead branches. But they’re resting before the next big thing they accomplish. They start and stop all the time. It is actually an asset because they think about where they have been, where they want to go and then “sleep on it” before they manifest their future.
Wands are also the Court of communication. They believe in the power of intention and ideas. They believe therefore they CAN manifest their reality. They are also the dreamers, perhaps due to their hibernation.
The King of Wands Card represents an independent, influential man of status and wealth. He may be a boss or a mentor, senior partner or an advisor. You can rely on his honesty, fair-mindedness and advice. Rebbekah, this may be someone you know now or will VERY soon. This is NOW card that has jumped into your life.
The King of Wands may also be a situation card. The situation will be exactly as it appears to be. What you see is what you will get. Go ahead and use your five sense “sniff test” on it. It will pass. There will be no hint of deception.
Rebbekah, I think you are going to meet someone very interesting who is going to offer unexpected help or advice. At the same time some good fortune will show up in your life. Somehow, the person and the situation will be connected.
You will wonder if these things are too good to be true. This card says they are real and to enjoy. This is going to be a bit difficult for an Ace of Pentacles, but try it. You may like it. And that may be the lesson you learn from this situation and/or person… And your cards.

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