Life is a Game of Cards & Runes: What’s In Your Hand?

Rune Chart
Our guest today on the 5 Senses is Suzanne Strisower. She will be doing Rune readings for the 1st hour with Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos who will be connecting callers with their personal Tarot Card based on their birthdate. Suzanne and Kathleen will validate each of the readings using a different techniques and methods. Suzanne Strisower was born to ‘speak into people’s hearts and souls’. Her life purpose is to help people heal and open their connection to their divine source. A certified coach and Rune expert, Strisower has pioneered a transformational method to guide people to their purpose in life and to help people quickly release outdated thoughts.

There is some evidence that, in addition to being a writing system, runes historically served purposes of magic. Tarot Cards and Runes share lineage in the House of Magic and the Family Tree called Divination. Tarot and Runes are cousins. This is the case from earliest epigraphic evidence of the Roman to Germanic Iron Age, with non-linguistic inscriptions and the alu word. An erilaz was the name for a person versed in runes, including their magic applications.

In medieval sources, notably the Poetic Edda, the Sigrdrífumál mentions “victory runes” Cups in the world of Tarot, to be carved on a sword, as in the Tarot Card suit of Swords.
The Four Elements: To the ancient Greeks, everything was part earth, air, fire and water, though in different proportions. Alchemists adopted these elements, and made symbols to represent them. Both Tarot and Runes use elements.

In early modern and modern times, related folklore and superstition is recorded in the form of the Icelandic magical staves, as in the Wands of the Tarot Cards. In the early 20th century, Germanic mysticism coins, Pentacles in Tarot Cards, were new forms of “runic magic”, some of which were continued or developed further by contemporary adherents of Germanic Neopaganism. Modern systems of runic divination are based on Hermeticism, classical Occultism, and the I Ching.
In this one-of-a-kind-radio divination session, Suzanne and I bring these awesome cousins, Tarot and Runes, together for profound readings with depth and validation.

Each radio show begins with a protection blessing. If you are reading this blog you may do the same by cocooning yourself in protective mirrored light that only allows that which is of the highest and best to enter into any mystical information. Everything else is reflected back from whence it came. We wish it so and therefore it is.
This blog is my Tarot Card readings according to caller’s birthdays. They are identified by their area code, birthdate, and in some cases their name. How many personality traits, life challenges and solutions do you share with others? If you share their birthdate, you may be reading about yourself.
Here is the Rune chart to follow in the readings.

Caller1) Dee- DOB= March 22= Ace of Diamonds= ace of Pentacles
People who are Pentacles are practical and down-to-earth. Pentacles deal with health, wealth and the physical realm of life. Their color is Green and their season is Fall. Green and Fall play an intricate part in their lives, often without them realizing it. An example: they may or may not like to wear the color green, but Green is the color of money.

People who are Aces= are number 1s= leaders. They are ambitious, energetic, and easily initiate new projects. The number one is the beginning, the Universal Force and individuality such as a boss. One is the power of mastership.
People who are Ace of Penticles= Beginning Material Comforts and Gains. You are one of the royal cards which means you are an evolved soul. You have learned to play the game of Pentacles in previous lives and have brought that knowledge back with you into this one. You are always striving for more comfort and gain but in this life you are finally BEGINNING to see the labors of your hard work. You have the potential for success in your new enterprises.
Runes chosen for Dee :
A blank rune= You must start creating by doodling on paper or journaling. Let your consciousness ground you.
The Rainbow of Light= Each color of the rainbow is each chakra.
Fire Rune and Outcome Ruin=air= human consciousness
Caller 2) Chris of Curious Times (Radio show on Fridays @0pm EST ) knows her card
4 of Swords= Change for the better
People who are Swords live their lives overcoming and moving through conflict. The suite of swords deals with thought, challenge and observation. Their season is Winter and their color is Indigo Blue.
People who are 4s= symbolic of humans in the earth, it is the number of seasons and balance and stability on the earth plane.
Question= “Is my stalker going to leave me anytime soon?”
Tarot= Major Arcana NOW card= 8 Strength= Virtue triumphs= Be steadfast and true to yourself and your stalker will get bored with you and go somewhere else. You are the light that has attracted a moth.
1) self-alighting butterfly looking for nector.
2) Now=Rooted Tree (earth)
3) Your future=Sun on Horizon= (fire) You envision your future- walking into the future.
Caller 3) MyQ Sharon knows her Persnal Tarot Card is Ace of Diamonds= Ace of Cups
She has a Question= “What new adventures are coming my way?”
Tarot= Card 5 Major Arcana= Hierophant= You are going to have challenges that will require using moral law (be true to your beliefs) mixed with Spiritual Guidance for balance that goes beyond your imagination.
1) Symbol side down ( your subconscious) Floating feather= air rune of angels=messenger. Time for you to listen to the messages around you through animals and nature.
2) Present= symbol side down again, vessel= water=Greek Urn= depends on our balance. Wake up your new adventure.
“How can I do this in balance for myself?
3) Air Rune=elemental air= open your spirit
Caller 4= Tosha= DOB= June 22nd =8 of Clubs= 8 of Wands
People who are Wands are also known as Rods and Staves. It is the Tarot Suite that symbolizes creativity, action and passion. Their color is Yellow and their season is Spring, which somehow plays into their life. Wands are energy and growth through rebirth or new beginnings cards. This means that they are constantly going through periods of challenge followed by periods of quiet. I think of the Wands People as the Bears of the Tarot cards. They go through a period of growth (little leaves on the wands) then into stasis or hibernation.
People who are 8s are goal oriented and strong. They are very determined people who work hard, are good with money, realistic and dependable.
People who are 8 of Wands are the arrows who hit their intended targets or goals. The 8 of Wands is one f the few cards that does not have people in it. The card shows 8 wands flying through the air like arrows. The 8 of Wands is always moving toward their goal. When they reach it they hit the ground, rest, and then start again. Growth, stasis, growth, stasis….
1) Dreamer( symbol side down= subconscious) alighting butterfly= What is coming through in your dreams? You want to create but don’t know what it is.
2) Vessel=water= you don’t know what to do with your energy
3) Teardrop= water is not a large wave overtaking you but wake up that inner world and have conscious power.
Caller 5) 714 Carlos of San Marco= knows his Tarot Card is 3 of Cups= Good fortune Card
Question: “What is going on in my life right now? “
Answer: “Major Arcana # 16= the tower= The Sh#! Hits the Fan card.
Carlos, you have been ignoring some challenges hoping they will solve themselves or go away and they have grown to the point that they are going to cause a real disruption. The truth is going to surface. Deal with it.
1.) Chrystal Charging (like the tower) –co-creative in realm of diva. Your energy is not directed so it comes back at you.
2.) Spiral upward= wake up. You are in denial. Wake up to the external pressure being brought on you. Open up and explore the things that are not right.
3.) Rainbows of Light= Something wonderful will happen when you set up your boundaries and take your power to the next level.
Caller 6) Jovia= DOB= June 21= 9 of Clubs= 9 of Wands
People who are Wands are energy and growth through rebirth or new beginnings cards. They are also known as Rods and Staves. It is the Tarot Suite that symbolizes creativity, action and passion. Their life is filled with the color Yellow and the season Spring. They are constantly going through periods of challenge followed by periods of quiet. I think of the Wands People as the Bears of the Tarot cards. They go through a period of growth (little leaves on the wands) then into stasis or hibernation.
People who are 9s are attracted to literature, art, music and the stage. They need to work on balance. The number 9 is the Universal Mind, that which brings things to an end and prepares for a new beginning. You are always prepring for new beginnings.
People who are 9s of Wands are the Pause In Your Struggle Card. You, more than most other wands spend much of your time daydreaming about new adventures or challenges. You organize the steps in your mind so you have to spend very little time organizing them and completing them on the earth plane. And this gives you more time to spend in your head and dreams. You need to spend less time in your head for a balance of body and mind. Collect data for your new change.
1.) Balance star= a above so below. Bring balance into life. Consult the angels through dreams and meditation. Do list of Pro & Con of challenges.
2.) Transition in realm of Deva-= hard to make decisions. It is shifting in transition.
3.) Rooted Tree= (grounded being) fruitful=

After the reading, Jovia shares with us that she is being interviewed for a job in Miami by a mutual health company and she is worried about the dangerous areas.

Rune: 1.) If you say no to this job but be true to self, you will make the right decision.
Join us next Wednesday, Nov 7th 2012 for our guest Lee Beard, producer with Wake Up Women.

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