Life is a Game of Cards: What’s in Your Hand? Presents David Matthew Brown & Heart Talk Radio

Life is a Game of Cards: What’s In Your Hand?
I had the pleasure of being David Matthew Brown’s guest on Heart Talk Radio where I discussed dreams and how they can manifest in our lives to make them better or, as in my case, save our lives.
I also used David’s birthdate to introduce him to his personal Tarot Card for any future card readings. These cards often give us “Aha” moments as we discover things about our personality that knew we knew, but did not understand.
Click on the link above to listen to the 30 minute show. The blog below highlights the show.
David: Tell us about your dream and cancer.
Kathy: I survived breast cancer—twice…I survived by using something many in the medical field do not even acknowledge as being real. My innate intuition and prophetic dreams. Learn to listen to them. They may save your life one day.
I used my intuition and dreams to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment, often against the vehement advice of my doctors, in my healing process. I always worked with my doctors, but never forgot to self-advocate and make the final decisions. I hope my story can help others make better decisions.


David: How can we go about remembering our dreams?
Kathy:  Here are some things we can do to get started. Here are 5 easy steps to help anyone remember dreams.

I.)Verbally voice your intention to remember your dream before you go to sleep.

II.) Early-morning dreams are the easiest to remember. Keep a notebook beside your bed and when you awaken, write what you do remember- whatever it is. If you are still having trouble remembering, lie back down in bed in the same position you were in when you woke up and try to remember anything at all.

III.) If a dream still allusive, write down your feelings-Happy, Sad, Frightened, Content or Anxious.

IV.) Write down a color that pops into your head while trying to remember the dream.

V.) Give your dream a title, even if it’s The Dream Without a Name. If some part of the dream returns during the day, jot it down on a piece of paper to add it to your dream journal. Over time, dreams will become longer as you begin to interface with yourself and your guides. We all have guides. We are their job. Meeting yours in your dreams is a wonderful step to a more fulfilling life.

VI.) If you are thinking about a deceased family member when you wake up, chances are good that you did see them. They can give guided information. Sometimes family members are given permission to return from the other side to guide us during times of crisis or trauma. We don’t just dream about them. We are interacting with them. They may even appear different to us but they will say or do something to let us know exactly who they are when we awaken.


The mystical tarot card has come a long way from its humble origins. In the field of psychology, Carl Jung (1875-1961) used tarot cards in analyzing the Subconscious. I use this same technique on my radio show to analyze dreams and personalities. Tarot Cards and dreams speak the same language which leads me to believe they same an ancestral branch on the tree of Mystic Life.
My Tarot Card readings introduce callers to their Personal Card that explains their personality traits based on their birthdates. Do you share a birthday with David? If you do, you may be reading about yourself, too.


David Matthew Brown’s birthday is May 22nd= Queen of Clubs= Q of Wands
People who are Wands are also known as Rods and Staves. It is the Tarot Suite that symbolizes creativity, action and passion. Their color is Yellow and their season is Spring, which somehow plays into their life. Wands are energy and growth through rebirth or new beginnings cards. This means that they are constantly going through periods of challenge followed by periods of quiet. I think of the Wands People as the Bears of the Tarot cards. They go through a period of growth (little leaves on the wands) then into stasis or hibernation. During this hibernation they dream about what they are going to do next, plan it in their head and then manifest it on the earth plane one piece of puzzle at a time until they again complete their task of bringing the abstract into the concrete. Then they go back to dreaming.
People who are Queens are very matriarchal. They are receptive to others, intelligent, creative and dramatic. They are good at organizing and executing, but can sometimes over-dramatize their lives.

Queen of Wands are the LOVE at HOME card. They are filled with kindness and are very popular. Because David is a female card he is balanced. The suite of Wands is a male suite which gives David  more yin/yang balance within balance. David is very comfortable in his body and life. As a Queen of Wands, David has the qualities within himself that are needed to succeed in all aspects of life, material/spiritual and abstract/concrete.



Join David Matthew Brown on his radio shows Friday’s @ 4:30 EST on Heart Talk Radio by following the link at the top of this blog.

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