Fan-Fiction 2: Twilight vs Fifty Shades of Grey/ The New/Old Trend in Creative Ideas & Publishing.

Part II of Twilight vs Fifty Shades of Grey 

Fan fiction vocabulary, people and places:


  • Fanfic—fan fiction; the rewrite of characters in hit movies, books and computer

games to create an extensive of the old ended series or game.

  • Drabble—short story in the      fan fic realm


  • The Writer’s Coffee Shop-      published 32 e-books in 2011—mostly from writers

who got their start in the fan-fic world.


  • Omnific— publishes writers      who have received significant numbes of

reviews from satisfied readers on its fan-fic site and pays them a

percentage of of sales  as opposed to a traditional advance.



  • Elizabeth Harper, founder      of the e-book publisher Omnific Publishing.



  •—created by      Elizabeth Harper and devoted to the fanfic vampire genre with more than      2000,000 postings about the Twilight      Series.



Recient Top Successful Works from Fan-fic


  • 50 Shades of Grey
  • Gabriel’s Inferno



How are Twilight and Shades of Grey similar? Oh, let me count the obvious ways:


I.)                 Plot


  1. Preditor vs prey


  1. The love tringle


  1. Obsession with food


  1. “Shocking” first touch


  1. Stalker & Stalkee: Like Edward and Bella, Mr. Grey always knows where Ana is, appears unexpectedly to “save her,” then guards her throughout the night without sexually touching her, because like Edward, he doesn’t like to be touched.  This closeness in proximity but not physicality establishes a bond between them and sets the stage for their relationship.


  1. Bella/Ana is isolated from her family and friends by Edward’s/Grey’s secet dangerously demented life.


Tomorrow in Part III  I will cover Juxtapisitions and similarities between the main characters of 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight Saga.


Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is an author, radio host & Patheos blogger. To learn more, follow her & listen to her  4 radio shows from her website @

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