Fan-Fiction 3: Twilight vs Fifty Shades of Grey/ The New/Old Trend in Creative Ideas and Publishing.

Part III of Twilight vs Fifty Shades of Grey


The juxtaposition and similarities between the main chracters.


  • The comparisons below are interchangeable between Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey.


  • Like Edward Collins, Chrstian Grey and his two siblings are adopted by a physician, his family is a pillar of society, he  lives in the lap of luxury and no one has a clue as to his true self.


  • Like Bella, Ana comes from a working class/broken home where the mother is passive/submissive to a new husband and she is making her way through life a bit lost.


  • Mr. Handsome-moody-control-freak vs Miss not-a-clue-until-it’s-too-late despite many verbal warnings.


  • Grey/Edward: Mr Confident-Blond-Hair and Perfect-Body  Grey loves (in his own special/twisted way)  Ana/Bella: Miss Skinny Brunette who doubts her self worth.


  • Mr. Worldly Wealthy Most-elegable-Batchelor Perfectionist who loves classical music and excels at the piano vs Miss Klutzy Small-town Virgin-Next-Door instrumentally challenged but loves his choices of  music.


  • Mr. Only-the-best-in-conservative-cars-and-clothes vs Miss Jeans-and-no-make-up, who drives a hand-me-down beat-up old car that she loves.


  • Secrets: Teenage Edward swears Bella to silence, while Businessman Grey wants a signed nondisclosure agreement/contract.


  • And finially, rather than throwing Anastasi (Ana) on his back like Edward (never Eddie) does Bella, to fly through the local treetops, Christian, (never Chris)  throws her into his helicopter and flies through the city highrises.


And the list goes on….


How can Fanfic be done without copywrite issues? Very carefully according to the Fanfic website.  is the largest website devoted to the fanfic vampire genre with more than 2000,000 postings about the Twilight Series including—created by Elizabeth Harper, founder of the e-book publisher Omnific Publishing. Twilighted was created to give Twilight fan writers a larger audience and that brings us back to Fifty Shades of Grey and copywright issues.


The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy grew out of a Twilight fanfic piece written by E.L. James origionlly titled Master of the Universey. It was  first published as an ebook by the Writer’s Coffee Shop. Fifty Shades was later acquired by Vintage, a Random House imprint, sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, and the rest is history.


In part IV, I will address the serious issues to consider when writing fanfic for publication.


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