Life Is a Game of Cards: What’s in Your Hand Your Hand?

Happy Birthday 12/12/12

What do the Cards Hold for Today?
This is indeed a special day. 12/12/12 will never happen again for us in this lifetime.

If you were born on December 12, read on to see what you share with this special day. The Tarot Card below is your Personal Card that will never change in this lifetime.

Dec 12th= 12+12 =24= 2+4= 6 & 1+2, + 1+2=6
The number six (6) seeks balance

People born on Dec 12 are the number 3 (1+2) Threes are the number of the trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit, connecting them to spirituality mixed with faith. They are creative, sociable, self-expressive & fun loving. 3s are restless while being versatile. They seek variety in all aspects of life. They are also prone to worry and indecision.

6 of Spades= 6 of Swords
You are the “Journey” card
You are the suite of CONFLICT.
Your Season is WINTER
You belong to the NORTH WIND.
You are a MALE card.

People who are Swords live their lives overcoming and moving through conflict. Much of the challenges they face in life are left over from previous lifetimes and being completed in this one. The suite of swords deals with thought, challenge and observation so swords tend to be watchers in a group. Nothing goes unnoticed.

THE 6 OF SWORDS indicate a time that is moving away from past challenges, upheavals and stiff toward the distant shores of a new life filled with change. But remember, change for the sake of change alone is not necessarily progress. Progress is more than a state of mind. It is a state of being. Be in the situations on the far shore and manifest your future of positive changes that include but are not limited to family.

The card depicts a woman and child being ferried across the river of life to the far shore to start a new life. Things are ending on one shore but a new beginning is on the distant horizon. This is a time of rest and easy sailing. The waters are finally calm after the storm of life. The child sitting beside her is the future. The time between shorelines is a time for rest and reflection. It is a great time to connect with inner-guidance through prayer or meditation.

SWORD RELATIONSHIPS: Peace of mind is important to you so you seek harmony in all of your relationships. As a sword, you already have enough natural drama in your life. Therefore you seek stability in love. Finding this is rare for a sword but not impossible.

SWORD BUSINESS: This is a time of integration or reintegration for you in the work place. As new friends, business partners and professional relationships come into your life, take the time to connect with your inner-guidance to review lessons learned in the past to be sure these new relationships are fully trustworthy in the manner you have envisioned. Your business travels may also take you over water (spirituality) but luck is on your side.

Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos; learn more, follow her & listen to her radio shows from her website @

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