Does Your Inner-voice Have a Name? Oh, Lord Have Murphy!


Have you ever known someone who had an opinion for everything?

Meet Murphy who has a wry comment on EVERYTHING!

While there may be a plethora of books on consciousness, none is quite like the new Amazon #1 bestseller, Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace written by Fran Shaw, Ph.D., a longtime practitioner in a spiritual discipline and an award-winning university writing instructor. Out of Fran’s fertile mind has popped Murphy, the star narrator of this journey into this new level of awareness.

On The Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos LIVE Radio Show on Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod, Dr. Shaw discusses ways in which Murphy is:

  • Downright Funny
  • Has his own amazing vocabulary
  • Perfects a  sardonic commentary
  • Is  a brilliant entrée to a new level of consciousness

It surpasses most information in other spiritual books on meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

Radio guest and author Fran/Murphy demurs from being a teacher–no guru is he–yet his exploration of the nature of this deep new level of conscious awareness is a fun-filled, quip-induced, deeply funny, pathway to the higher self.

Listening to Lord have Murphy author Fran speak of Murphy begs the questions, “Is Murphy an aspect of Fran’s higher self that has manifested in the waking-world and made manifest in a book.”

This interview is a rare and incredible insight into another realm of information.

As Fran notes, “We hear a lot these days about mindfulness. “Weapons of mass instruction are proliferating.’ How to clear the air? To trust what’s in us and that we’re finding our way to it.”

In this interview of unrelenting humor, Fran shares how Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace is the humorous tale of Murphy giving it a try, only to discover in himself an extraordinary truth: that contact with the finer energy animating us awakens us to a completely different level of being alive.

Whitley Strieber, the host of the hugely popular Dreamland podcast and Unknown Country website, praised Lord Have Murphy on Goodreads: “Exquisitely conceived and executed, with marvelous drawings by Bruce M. Sherman.”

There is almost nothing more difficult than to open doors in the sleeping soul with humor, but Fran Shaw is a genuine master, and does it with grace.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK: Dr. Fran Shaw, is a longtime practitioner in spiritual disciplines , an author and an award-winning university writing instructor. Out of her fertile mind has popped Murphy, the star narrator of this journey into this new level of awareness.

Meet Murphy who has a wry comment on EVERYTHING!


Click here or the the link below to hear Dr. Fran Shaw LIVE on the Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show


ABOUT THE SHOW HOST: Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos is a TV Host/Producer of Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod TV/Radio, Author of International Bestseller & Multi-award winner SurvivingCancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, and 3x Breast Cancer Survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness. She’s published in medical journals and guested on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. Kat believes dreams diagnose your life. “Did you have a déjà- vu or dream-come-true?” Kat’s interpretations are in American Express Open Forum. She’s a Coach, “Go-to authority” on Beauty, Health, Wealth & Love, Keynote Speaker/Panelist/Presenter at International Associations, Columnist, & blogs on many professional sites. Kat taught Special Education and Psychology at USF.

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