Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #8: Recurrent Dreams/Nightmares

Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #8: Recurrent Dreams/Nightmares April 4, 2016

You have sent me many dream questions and I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to answer them. Well, it’s raining. So, I’ve shut off my cell phone and hung the Do Not Disturb sign on my door that I “permanently borrowed” from a hotel room. In order to answer them all, I’ve created a dream series because I believe that by reading the answers to the dreams of others we enrich our waking-life. Each section in the series will focus on answering your dream questions.

Today, your wildest dream questions are my main priority.

Your Question: Can you give me an example of a Lucid Dream? I have a friend who is taking classes on becoming a Lucid Dreamer? Why are Lucid Dreams so special? Can you have a Lucid Dream without trying to?

Yes, you can have a Lucid Dream without trying to.

Here is an example of a Recurring Dream that was also a Lucid Healing Dream. Dreams can overlap.

A client was distraught because she kept having a recurring nightmare that would wake her during the night and leave her in a bad mood all day. And since she was always aware that she was having the nightmare it was also Lucid. She would be in an epic dream sitting in her living room watching reality TV when suddenly there would be a knock on the door. As her husband moved to answer the door she would yell, “No! Don’t answer the door.” Her husband would open the door and her deceased father would walk into the room and say, “I love you.” This would jolt her from the dream with a scream and leave her upset for the rest of the day because she and her father did not have a good relationship while he was alive.

I told her the next time she had this nightmare, to tell her father that she loved him, too, hug him and that the nightmare would stop and her life would be changed, forever. This was an opportunity to heal her past in order to move into an emotionally healthy future.

“I can’t do that,” she said, “I don’t love him. In fact, I can’t stand him. He was mean to me.”

“Somewhere in your subconscious Daddy’s Little Girl still loves him and needs to express herself and accept his love,” I said. “Your father has had time to consider the error of his ways when he was alive and is asking to make amends. We know he is asking permission because he is knocking on your Sacred Dream Door, not opening it himself and walking back into your life. Your husband, whom you always refer to as your-better-half, invites your father into the living room, or the room of the living. Your husband is also the strong fearless aspect of yourself. ”

The next night she had the same nightmare but this time…. “When there was the knock on the door I told my husband I would get it. When my father walked into the room and said, I love you,” I don’t know what happened to me but I threw my arms around his neck and said, ‘Oh, Daddy, I love you too’ and the dream shifted without me waking up.

She followed my counsel, felt wonderful when she woke up, and never had the nightmare again.

With a simple hug of love she changed the ending of a lucid nightmare into a healing dream that transformed her life forever.

Our family members challenge us the most in our life because they are our teachers, and they are humans who make mistakes. During difficult times they are given permission to return from “the other side” to give us guidance and love.

I hope this helps to answers your incredible dream question. Ask me anything in the comment box.

Join me next time for more on Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series: #9 Symbols and Symbolism

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