Dynamic Livivng Magazine Article- Danish Study on Breast Cancer

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos’s article/interview on the latest information on a Danish Medical Study connecting Breast Cancer and Working The Graveyard Shift. Kathy has the answer. http://dynamiclivingmagazine.com/issue/summer2012/cancer.html Read more

Organic Shampoo-Clean & Green!

I must admit, I am now obsessed with my hair after having lost it twice to cancer treatment. Now I only use the best products available that are healthy AND environmentally safe, which means “green.” Fortunately, with the current trend in environment and health awareness, there are more choices in safe shampoos. Some do more than clean your hair. They nourish, strengthen, and protect it in ways non-organic and some “natural” shampoos do not. What is the difference between commercial,… Read more

Mission- Not Impossible!

My name is Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos and I am a woman on a double mission to save lives. As a two-time breast cancer survivor whose cancer was missed both times by doctors and the tests on which they relied, I am determined to raise awareness about the importance of self advocacy, and listening to our bodies. We must balance our body and spirit with conventional and intuitive health practices for complete health and wellness. Stand in your power. Speak your truth…. Read more

4th of July Grilled Desserts

The 4th of July means picnics and fireworks. Children out of school equals less time for cooking and more time for family. Don’t shut down the grill until you’ve grilled the desserts. Try grilling pineapple for a healthy way to end your summer evening and serve it over coconut ice-cream for a Piña Colada Sunday, or a Grilled Banana Split. If you don’t want to use the grill, broiling brings out fruit’s inherent sweetness. A squeeze of tart limejuice balances… Read more

Fan-Fiction: The New/Old Trend in Creative Ideas and Publishing.

Part IV   Here are 3 serious issues to consider when writing fanfic for publication:   Editing a story that origionated as a fanfic posting poses new copywright challenges that requires close attention given to the fan-fiction elements.   When it comes to copyrighted issues, there is very fine but defined line that must not be crossed. It is illegal to profit from copyrighted literary works. However, there is a loophole.   The mjoriety of unpublished fan fiction is posted… Read more

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