Taking It Seriously…

G.K. Chesterton was one of the heaviest men you could ever meet...and one of the lightest. Fully six feet, four inches and weighing nearly three hundred pounds, his figure could be quite imposing. But Chesterton is perhaps best known for his kindness, astuteness, and child-like frivolity. Hearty laughter and absent-mindedness flowed from his character. Mystery fiction and poetry flowed from his pen. A man deprived of having his own children, Chesterton possessed a keen understanding of … [Read more...]

The Virtue of Being Unreasonable

"The pagan, or rational, virtues are such things as justice and temperance, and Christianity has adopted them. The three mystical virtues which Christianity has not adopted, but invented, are faith, hope and charity... The first evident fact, I say, is that the pagan virtues, such as justice and temperance, are the sad virtues, and that the mystical virtues of faith, hope, and charity are the gay and exuberant virtues. And the second evident fact, which is even more evident, is the fact that the … [Read more...]

There’s Something About Mary…

There's something about Mary. There is no doubt. Prior to becoming a Catholic, I recall some heated discussions surrounding the topic of Mary. My wife  (a Catholic) and I (a Lutheran) had declared our religious scuffles a stalemate and were alternating Sundays between Catholic and Lutheran churches. Knowing that we were serious about one another, our faith, and the value of a religious upbringing of future children, the impasse over our religious home grew more problematic by the week. While so … [Read more...]