Conscience and Truth


Conscience and Truth"The¬†truth¬†does not change according to our ability to stomach it." - Flannery O'Connor In this day and age, it seems that the fashionable and modern approach to morality involves invoking the word "Conscience" with a confident frequency and righteous vigor. "My Conscience guided me.", "I listened to my Conscience.", "My Conscience is intact." Conscience is equated with that quiet voice inside that tells us that something is either right or wrong. We do well, we are t … [Read more...]



TraitorsLet's be honest...he was never a very likeable character. Yes, he was one of "the Twelve" - the intimate band of men whom Jesus summoned and surrounded Himself. Yes, he was charged with various administrative responsibilities (reputedly responsible for the money bag) in the newfound community of disciples. And, of course, he was shrewd and bright. But there was always something about Judas Iscariot that simply didn't seem right.Perhaps this feeling was elicited simply because we … [Read more...]



SufferingIt is race day in Boston. As a celebrated race in a historic city, the Boston Marathon draws thousands of hard-training athletes striving toward their goals while surrounded by cheering family, friends and anonymous well-wishers. The weather was ideal. The atmosphere was genial. But no one could comprehend what happened next. Or why. A sequence of ear-splitting concussion-casting bombs exploded and turned the celebration at race's end into a carnage-filled crime scene. And with … [Read more...]