Playing Scruples


Several years ago, there was a terrific game called "Scruples". Everyone wanted to play it. It was quite clever, really. To be sure, Scruples was more complex than your traditional board games like Monopoly or action games like Pictionary. Instead, what was essential to playing the game of Scruples was a fundamental understanding of exactly what "scruples" are. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a "scruple" (as noun) as "an ethical consideration or principle that inhibits action". As verb, … [Read more...]


Fishing the River

I guess you might be able to say there were signposts along the way. Perhaps. A good friend of mine describes them as delayed "Epiphanies" - those striking moments of great importance that you somehow miss and can only recognize in retrospect. Yes, it seems they were there. But, whether called signposts or epiphanies, there was clear evidence along my life's path. I was being called to Catholicism.Born and raised Lutheran, faith was a central part of my upbringing. Bible stories, prayers at … [Read more...]