Archives for August 27, 2011

The Perils of Irene

For days I’ve been watching the coverage of Hurricane Irene. Right now I’m looking at a NASA image taken yesterday, clearly showing the storm snuggled up to the east coast of the U.S. I think you have to make a conscious effort to step outside yourself occasionally, so you’ll know how lucky you are. In this case, I’m stepping outside by looking at this picture taken from 22,300 miles above the earth and transmitted to us by the NOAA GOES-13 satellite. For those of you on other continents (or othe … [Read more...]

Kitten, Cat or Tiger — Part 4

[Start with Part 1, or go back to Part 2 or Part 3] Okay, if war’s not your thing, how about this: Did you know there’s a safe and easy way to prevent teen pregnancy? A way to lower the number of abortions? It’s just this: Provide sex education. Make condoms and contraceptives available. Give teens the facts and the tools to accomplish the early-life goal of not getting pregnant. If you tell teens where babies come from, and let them know that unexpected mommyhood and daddyhood will put a ser … [Read more...]