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Cross Examined

Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Evolution (1 of 2)

Christian Creationists can’t win the scientific argument against evolution, so they advance their argument as best they can by going directly to ordinary citizens. Lacking the science, they fall back on something else.

Roll to Disbelieve

Fundagelical Preppers and the Problem with ‘Pokkalypses.

Last year I wrote about the rising numbers of fundagelical Christians getting into prepping, a subculture devoted to preparing for some imagined upcoming apocalypse. Not only are their efforts not actually very useful or helpful to anybody, but all this preparation speaks more to their own fear of change than to any possible future troubles the world might face. I'll show you how today.

According to Matthew

A Sociologist Reviews “The Conceptual Penis As A Social Construct”

Boghossian and Lindsay make some good points, but overstate some of their conclusions.

Laughing in Disbelief

3 Jokes For Tyr

Last night I was in the awkward position of wanting more news about President Trump. Watching that guy’s exploits in the Middle East is far preferable to getting minute by minute updates about the bombing in Manchester, England. Today’s 3 is your typical grab-bag of funny. There’s political fun and then some weird homegrown Boston comedy in [Read More...]

A Tippling Philosopher

Kalam Book Gets Another Great Review

As some of you will know, my most recent book was on the Kalam Cosmological Argument, the cosmological argument that deals with the beginning of the universe, concluding in favour of it having a cause (i.e. God). the argument is favoured by apologists the world over. It has obsessed me for years to the point [Read More...]

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Wallnau: God Will Protect Trump from Impeachment

Lance Wallnau, who seems to be competing with Jim Bakker and Rick Joyner for the title of Trump’s biggest Christian right slobber monkey, says that God used a miracle to get Donald Trump into office and he won’t allow him to be impeached. So just give up already! “People are crazy in this country,” Wallnau [Read More...]


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