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Cross Examined

Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Evolution (1 of 2)

Christian Creationists can’t win the scientific argument against evolution, so they advance their argument as best they can by going directly to ordinary citizens. Lacking the science, they fall back on something else.

Roll to Disbelieve

You Lost Me: Why Nothing Can Change.

This past week we were talking about the 2011 book You Lost Me by David Kinnaman. The book was about why modern Christian evangelical churches were losing so many young-adult members, and how they could possibly reverse that trend. Christians either agreed wholeheartedly with this book's ideas or they hated every word of it. Either way, however, nothing whatsoever changed in the modern Christian evangelical church as a result of it. Today I'll show you why nothing changed, and why nothing ever actually could.

According to Matthew

A Sociologist Reviews “The Conceptual Penis As A Social Construct”

Boghossian and Lindsay make some good points, but overstate some of their conclusions.

Laughing in Disbelief

When That Touch Is An Awkward Touch

This is one of the slides from the post Kittens Tell You The Seven Tenets Of The Satanic Temple. I wrote about going to get a massage in Andy’s Follies #2 Getting Touched.  Take a gander.   Here’s the bit that goes with the comic: Every once in a while my neck and shoulders seize up on [Read More...]

A Tippling Philosopher

The Media, and Similarities between Trump and Corbyn

The UK election is hotting up. May arguably called it early because the Conservatives were going to romp through, gaining a vastly increased number of seats, and marginalising Labour and an effective opposition into the sidelines of UK politics. This might well still happen, given that the Conservatives have stolen the right-wing UKIP vote (given [Read More...]

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Root: Trump Being Crucified Like Jesus

Wayne Allyn Root continues to be Donald Trump’s chief sycophant, so much so that he’s now comparing him to Jesus Christ (you know, like it said when those two Corinthians walked into a bar). He says “they” are trying to crucify Trump just like they did Jesus. “They have to stop him at all costs,” [Read More...]


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