But Are They Discerning?

But Are They Discerning? April 13, 2023

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but are they discerning?

This brief is a risk, mainly because it’s a collection of tweets which may seem disjointed. However, there are some real changes in our world with the homeland safety need for information sharing. The only question I have at times is, are they only picking it up or are they discerning?

There’s still a difference with this Gift of the Spirit or charism.

First, here’s a completely unrelated video. I like the song.

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nothing is private

I’m on someone else’s phone plan. I’m living with extended family so there are ways to track the internet.

I’ve seen what an officer can do with a little delay in the text/phone line. I’ve been coached on how to reply before I knew what was going to be texted to me.

A text to 2 passes through a field so it’s easier to pick up.

Nothing is private…

why is there a stigma?

Still this phone is all some of us have at times. I’m not single but I can imagine it’s a beacon of hope, the only way to connect with others at times, the only way to invest in a relationship or the hope of a relationship.

Why is there a stigma on its use, when people are longing for intimacy?

clumsy confronters

And I’m not even using a company phone. It’s in the family. I’m happy with my family, but I wonder if our information gathering has made us into clumsy confronters rather than gracious confessors.

We know! We have access to information, probably since the Patriot Act. As a state sanctioned entity, so does the church to a certain degree.

“I know”

We know! But do we really know? No amount of knowledge lets us “know” in the Biblical sense.

One officer told me “I know” and after she explained her Christian education, I believed her.

Knowing is even more than experiencing.

They may have information, but are they discerning?

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