Seeking an Answer

Seeking an Answer April 17, 2023

Seeking an Answer

I’m in a place I never thought I’d be in right now. I’m trying to make decisions in a way I haven’t in a very long while.

It’s one thing to pray with the head in the heart.

For those of us who have toyed with certain levels of the academie it’s difficult to remember we are complex beings made up of far more than the grey matter between our ears.

We have an interior life, a life that is connected to God through the soul, or the heart as the Hebrew Bible often refers to it.

God is a Spirit and His worshippers don’t operate with mere rationale. His worshippers connect in spirit and in truth.

After all, there is no place in Scripture the 3rd Person of the Trinity is called the Holy Brain. No, He is a Spirit who connects with us in many ways, without limit.

So to pray with the head in the heart can be a conundrum for me when I am seeking an answer.

Band of Horses

“Infinite Arms”*

To wrap my mind around it may not be the answer.

To do some investigating and seeking viable solutions and strategies may not be the answer.

The answer may not even be to go with my gut instinct.

The answer may lie in deeper movements of the soul.

I’m finding this to be the case in this season, as tumultuous as it is.

There are many opinions about every course of action I take. There are various views and even arguments.

I don’t have the best view or argument every time, but I do have one thing. I have assurance after assurance the Lord is still with me.

For instance I can look at conversations specifically with my church family, conversations that have provided illumination, and I can say it’s of God.

*I chose this song for various reasons, although it may be a love song. Dreams are heeded. So are the unguarded movements of the mind. “When my thoughts drift to you.” There is very little in this song about rational inquiry or strategic troubleshooting.

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