Archives for September 2, 2011

Bibles! Innn! Spaaaaace!

Got an extra 5 grand? You could start the bidding onthe first ever "lunar Bible" — a little square sheet of microfilm, just an inch and a half on a side, carried to the lunar surface by astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Apollo 14 in February 1971.It doesn’t seem to have a lot of holy power, seeing as how it barely made it to the moon. Its Holy Author first allowed a mistake on Apollo 12, leaving it in the orbiter rather than causing it to go to the actual moon, then allowed the catastrophe on Apo … [Read more...]

Fearsome creatures

I take pictures, did you know? Sometimes it's just scenery, sometimes events with people in them. But sometimes it's scary things. It's fairly woodsy here in upstate New York, and though I know most people from outside the state picture wall-to-wall cities, parts of it are actually pretty wild. I know you'll find this hard to believe, but the state has some pretty big predators. Living as I do on the edge of the wilds, I get to see them sometimes. Usually they're safely distant, but just a few … [Read more...]