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Why Adam & Eve REALLY Got Kicked Out

With apologies to Samuel L. Jackson ...Probably NSFW, so click ahead at your own peril. … [Read more...]


Thanks to Camels With Hammers and The Digital Cuttlefish for reading and commenting on Blue Collar Atheist! I am empoemicized! Or at least the subject of holding voting in churches is. Cuttlefish has a fantastic short verse on the subject, including these delicious lines: … [Read more...]

Score One for Atheist Meetup

Capital Region Atheists & Agnostics scored a win for freethinkers with a story in today's Times Union, the Albany, New York, daily newspaper. Rick Martin, one of the founding members of the group — formed in 2007 and now possessing 300 or so members (including me, who manages to get to almost none of the meetings) — was interviewed by the TU's religion reporter. The interview questions were neutral, neither supporting nor attacking, and Martin was able to say his piece in a non-adversarial at … [Read more...]

Jesus is My Co-Voter

Why do you suppose we have the secret ballot? The answer is something most of us understand instinctively. In the one vital moment when a citizen gets to express his/her own individual political opinion, no one – not mom and dad, not your wife or husband, not your boss, not the local sheriff, not stern-faced community or union leaders, not your well-meaning neighbor – gets to loom over your shoulder and help you vote “right.” The principle is enshrined in election law all over the world. Here in … [Read more...]